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10 Stress Causing Chemicals & Habits to STOP NOW!

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Written by Nick & Nathan

July 5, 2020

Dr. Hans Selye has advanced the fact that stress plays a role in EVERY DISEASE, and the failure to cope with or adapt to the stressors can produce “disease of adaptation”. When we say stress, we mean any physical, chemical, emotional, environmental, or nutritional factor, all creating the same physiological response within the human organism. This is called the “fight or flight” response, also known as the sympathetic nervous system. It is okay for our body to go into this stress response, but becomes an issue when we are not balanced and get stuck here. Overtime, whether it’s 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30+ years, can lead to symptoms or even worse, chronic disease/autoimmune condition. 

Imagine your bank account; and all the stressors that have accumulated in your life equaling money withdrawal. If you continue withdrawing money without depositing any, you will go bankrupt, eventually (i.e. creating a disease, illness, etc). We want to think of “money” as energy. Every process to the human body needs energy. If we can become aware of habits that are withdrawing money (depleting our body of energy & pushing it into a stressed state), we can slowly get back to health (energy surplus). In this article we are going to lay out over 15 different foods, habits, and lifestyle choices that may slowly be pushing you to bankruptcy and not allowing optimal human function. 

  • 1. Polyunsaturated Fats & Vegetable Oils
  • This includes DHA, Algae Oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, safflower oil, flaxseed, hempseed, grapeseed oil, margarine, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, soy, cod liver oil, fatty fish, grocery store chicken & pork. So-called “essential fatty acids” above block the secretion of thyroid hormone disrupting your body’s ability to produce energy (or deposit money into your bank). They damage the beta cells in the pancreas, leading to insulin resistance and diabetes. Causes permeability in the cell and stimulates cell division, while suffocating the liver from being able to detoxify stress hormones. 

    Solution: Eat Saturated Fats like butter, ghee, duck fat, tallow, eggs, raw dairy, wild game, coconut oil, Vitamin E.

    Resources: Article #1, Article #2, Article #3, Article #4 (Pufa & Alzheimer’s), Article #5 (pufa & sterility), Article #6 (pufa & prostate cancer), Article #7 (Pufa & IBS), Article #8 (pufa & cancer “sensitizer), Article #9 (pufa & skin cancer), Article #10 (pufa & autism/brain disease), Article #11 (pufa & insulin resistance)

  • 2. Multivitamins
  • Contain many isolated, synthetic, and inorganic forms of minerals that calcify and deteriorate the body. Multivitamins actually deplete the body of energy than providing.  If you look at the picture below, you will notice ingredients such as: silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, and Red 40 are all shown and proven to cause cancer. Those are just a few of the many other fake chemicals you are ingesting unknowingly through a multivitamin.

    Solution: Organ Meats, Oysters, Shilajit, Raw Dairy, Bioavailable Copper, Magnesium Bicarbonate

  • 3. Calcium 
  • You will find synthetic forms of calcium in foods, supplements, water and the NPK fertilizer. Calcium deposits in soft tissues become worse when the diet is low in calcium. When we supplement calcium through a pill form it creates imbalances in magnesium, since it’s an antagonist. Individuals with low calcium levels can never improve until their magnesium levels are adequate and they actually eat foods rich in calcium. 

    When cells are stressed or dying, they take up calcium, which tends to excite the cells at the same time that it inhibits their energy production, intensifying their stress. A muscle cramp or a seizure is an example of uncontrolled cellular excitation. Prolonged excitation and stress contribute to tissue inflammation and fibrosis. Everyone is already calcified enough and supplementing calcium will exacerbate the issue further. 

    Solution: Magnesium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Chloride, Raw Dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt), well cooked leafy greens, trigger pointing, correcting posture, systemic enzymes (Consciouslift to save $$), & red light

    Resources: Article #1, Podcast

  • 4. Iron Pills
  • Excess iron is linked to over 100 autoimmune conditions because iron gets stuck in our recycling system and creates a 24/7 stress. Iron produces destructive free radicals, similar to X-rays and gamma rays, both accelerate the accumulation of age-pigments and other signs of aging. Iron activates the fear sensor of the cell, and you will also find 5x more iron in a breast cancer cell, then a healthy cell right next to it. We have ingested iron throughout our entire life from drinking water, fortified, and packaged foods. 

    Avoid any ingredient labels where you find the word “ferrous”. After WWII and again in the 70s added in over 9 different forms of iron which can be found in pastas, cookies, cakes, breads, chips, pastries and more. 

    Solution: Donate Blood, Organ meats (beef liver pills), bioavailable copper foods (bee pollen, camu camu powder) Keep metabolic rate high, and trigger point

    Resources: Article #1, Podcast, Article #2 (Iron & GI cancer)


  • 5. Fluoride & Chlorine
  • Mostly found in our drinking water that are both proven carcinogens. Chlorine has been strongly implicated as a major factor in the onset of atherosclerosis and its resulting heart attacks and strokes. The cancer risk among people drinking & bathing in chlorinated water is 93% higher than those who do not. Higher cancer of the esophagus, rectum, breast, and larynx and a higher incidence of Hodgkin’s disease. It also narrows the blood vessels that feed the heart and brain.

    Fluoride has been present in our water, toothpaste, sprayed in food, antibiotics, soda and alcohol. The National Institute of Environmental and Health Sciences has shown fluoride causes cancer. Scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency have come out against fluoridation because they have confirmed it does not reduce tooth decay and is also a carcinogen. 

    Solution: Invest in a proper water filtration system, fill 5-gal BPA free jugs at a health food store, and get a shower filter that removes chemicals and stress causing supplements. 

    Resources: Article #1, Article #2 (fluoride and lower IQ), Article #3 (cancers & chemicals in tap water)

  • 6. BPA/BPS (Bisphenol A & Bisphenols)
  • BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make plastics and resins since the 1960s. They are found in food cans, baby bottles, bottle tops, water supply lines, tupperware, dental sealants, and composites. BPA is a known potent estrogen receptor agonist, androgen receptor antagonist, and thyroid receptor antagonist. What does this mean in English? It puts the body in a stressed state and pulls money out of your bank (drains your energy). 

    In the article given below, the study looked at how well-known plastic-derived disruptor BPA is capable of causing autism in mice 3-4 generations after a specific generation of pregnant mice was exposed. 

    Solutions: Switch to glass, porcelain, stainless steel, or mason jars, and throw out all plastics. At least get BPA free containers and jugs.

    Resources: Article #1, Study #1 (Non-alcoholic fatty liver & BPA), Study #2, Study #3 (BPA & Malignancy of carcinoma cells), Study #4 (BPA & breast cancer), Study #5 (BPS & Thyroid Dysfunction

    7. Dysfunctional Posture & Isolation Movements

    If you have not read our full blog post on posture, click here. The nervous system is encapsulated in our spine, and when that gets misaligned (our posture), every function to the human body can be affected. This includes, digestion, sleep, hormones, body fat, energy levels, circulation, pain, breathing, performance, non-verbal communication and omre. Fixing your posture IS NOT a quick fix. You have to think of how long you have been alive, and how many stressors have accumulated throughout your life. All of the stressors built up have created your postural alignment to this day. You can be eating metabolic foods and supplements, drinking clean water and getting adequate sunlight, but if you do not address your posture and gait, you are missing a very important piece to optimizing your health.

    Solutions: Download our anti-stress starter guide and begin trigger pointing. From there we go more in detail how to rebuild and structure and proper standing posture in our Foundational Fitness Program

  • 8. Vitamin D
  • Most vitamin D is made from irradiated oil and Vitamin D is actually a hormone produced within the body. When we take synthetic forms, this only depletes the body’s storage of magnesium which is inherently responsible for producing hormone D. The liver, kidneys, colon, prostate, lungs and other tissues must convert Vitamin D into its active form called calcitriol. The enzymes that do this require adequate magnesium. Magnesium is involved in about 42% of the body’s enzymatic reactions. Magnesium contributes to improved Vitamin D status (Deng et al., 2013).

    Solutions: Magnesium Bicarbonate and Chloride, mitigate stress-causing factors and habits, and get natural sunlight daily (30-60 minutes minimum). 

    9. Artificial Light

    Artificial junk light stems from your computers, tv’s, phones, tablets, laptops, LEDs, and fluorescent bulbs. This man made light essentially tells our body it is 1pm sunlight all day. Throws our nervous system into a sympathetic state (stressed state) and causes imbalances in hormone regulation, specifically melatonin, cortisol, prolactin, and estrogen. 

    Daily blue light exposure has been shown to shorten lifespan and cause brain neurodegeneration. It disrupts and destroys an enzyme called cytochrome c oxidase, which is needed to convert food into energy properly. Read our full blog post on artificial junk light here.

    Solutions: Download for computers, change LEDs and fluorescent for incandescents and red light bulbs, use blue blocking glasses (code Nathan to save $$), & get a minimum 30-60 minutes sunlight daily (especially in the morning). 

    Resources: Article #1, Article #2, Article #3, Article #4


  • 10. Skipping Breakfast and Low Carb Diets
  • Restricting sugar and not eating upon waking slows down the metabolic rate under the influence of free fatty acids liberating into our bloodstream. This will turn off thyroid hormone and the body has to go through an inflammatory process called gluconeogenesis. Your body essentially has to convert muscle into usable sugar for the body to work. Not only that, but it turns off the liver’s ability to detoxify anything out of our body, including heavy metals and stress hormones like estrogen. 

    Our liver needs to store sugar properly in order for it to do its 500+ functions. If it does not have sugar or is empty from fasting longer than 8-12 hours, then it cannot convert inactive T4 into active T3 hormone. If we realize that 90% of our cells run off the energy produced from the liver, we would avoid causing this stressful process. 

    Solutions: Fuel your liver with proper, easy-to-digest sugar from fruits, roots, milk, honey, and maple syrup. Eat protein and carb with every meal and snack. If you are not hungry in the morning, get something small in your body, even if its some fruit and bone broth.

    Resources: Video #1, Video #2, Video #3, Video #4

    Download our free anti-stress starter guide where we teach and educate more in depth on the basics of rebuilding a foundation to health, while mitigating many unknown stressors that could be present in your current lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram: Lamannafitness and Colonna_Fitness, Youtube: & Mitigate Stress 2.0 where we constantly provide more in-depth content for visual learners. 

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    God Bless,

    Nick & Nathan


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