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11 Amazing Benefits of Caffeine (in context)

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Written by Nick & Nathan

July 5, 2020

Coffee, and especially caffeine can be used as a drug, food, or supplement. There is  popular health-culture that circulates mistaken ideas of nutrition and coffee drinking. Most individuals are using coffee as a drug with a dosage so high that when it enters an already chronically stressed person, creates many more issues long term. For instance, when we drink coffee on an empty stomach can continue to deplete stomach acid production, put the adrenals in overdrive, and create more electrolyte imbalance. We always encourage our clients and members to analyze a particular topic with context included. 

If the individual’s metabolism is functioning properly and not stuck in a stressed state, caffeine can bring many benefits that we will get into. We always recommend eating food before drinking coffee, while adding in some sugar, because then you can bring a vitamin and supplement effect from the substance itself. It is always important to brew your coffee with acid-free, low TDS water that is ideally magnesium bicarbonate rich. 

The bad effects ascribed to coffee usually involve administering large doses in a short period of time. While caffeine is commonly said to raise blood pressure, this effect is slight, and may not occur during the normal use of coffee. Experimenters typically ignore essential factors. What they also don’t tell you is drinking plain water can cause an extreme rise in blood pressure, especially in old people, and eating a meal containing carbs, can lower blood pressure. The increased metabolic rate caffeine produces increases the cellular consumption of glucose, so experiments that study the effects of coffee taken on an empty stomach are measuring the effects of increased temperature and metabolic rate, combined with increased adrenaline, resulting from the decrease of glucose and confuse the effects of caffeine. 

  • 1. Caffeine synergizes with progesterone, and increases its concentration in blood and tissues (progesterone is pro-thyroid and anti-stress). 
  • 2. Caffeine protects the liver from alcohol and acetaminophen (Tylenol) and other toxins, and coffee drinkers are less likely than people who don’t use coffee to have elevated serum enzymes and other indications of liver damage. 
  • 3. Coffee drinkers have alow incidence of suicide 

  • The observation that coffee drinkers have a low incidence of suicide, for example, might be physiologically related to the large increase in suicide rate among people who use the newer antidepressants called “serotonin reuptake inhibitors.” Serotonin excess causes several of the features of depression, such as learned helplessness and reduced metabolic rate, while coffee stimulates the uptake(inactivation or storage) of serotonin, increases metabolic energy, and tends to improve mood. In animal studies, it reverses the state of helplessness or despair, often more effectively than so-called antidepressants

  • 4. Coffee Drinkers have a lower incidence of thyroid disease, including cancer, than non-drinkers.
  • 5. Caffeine, like niacin, inhibits apoptosis (cell death), protecting against cell death, without interfering with normal cell turnover.
  • 6. Caffeine protects against cancer caused by radiation, chemical carcinogens, viruses, and estrogens. 

  • 7. Coffee prevents Parkinson’s Disease (Ross, et al., 2000).

  • 8. Caffeine stops production of free radicals by inhibiting xanthine oxidase, an important factor in tissue stress. 

  • 9. Caffeine “improves the efficiency of fuel use” and performance (JC Wagner, 1989). 

  • 10. Coffee drinkers have been foun
  • d to have lower cadmium in tissues; coffee making removes heavy metals from water.
  • 11.
  • Coffee inhibits iron absorption if taken with meals, helping to prevent iron overload. 
  • Our Ideal Coffee Elixir:

    1. 6-8 0z  boiled acid-free, low TDS, magnesium bicarbonate rich water poured into a french press with slow ground coffee (sourced organically, no pesticides/herbicides, etc.)
    2. Sprinkle of sea salt & baking soda
    3. 1/2 tsp real mushrooms (Chaga or 5 defenders) – use code: nathan to save $$
    4. 3-5 tablets of Mitolife Shilajit (use consciouslift to save $$).
    5. 1-2 TBSP Maple Syrup or Pure Sugar
    6. 1-2 TBSP Colostrum or Raw Goat Milk

     **Remember to always drink coffee after a meal and never on an empty stomach. If your metabolic rate is not functioning properly, it is probably best to reduce your weekly intake and focus on that first.

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    God Bless,

    Nick & Nathan


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