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8 Effective Ways We Bulletproof Your Immune System

Written by Nick & Nathan

July 5, 2020

Over our health journey, we have experimented with many different tools/gadgets, protocols, & methods in a constant effort to become the best versions of ourselves. Below we discuss our top 8 ways on how to strengthen your immune system better than anyone has ever taught you. Our goal is to create practical & sustainable habits to improve the quality of your life while reducing chronic stress & creating an environment where your body can truly perform at its best!


How you breathe throughout the day & night indicates whether your body is in a relaxed or stressed state. Breathing through the mouth is normal during intense exercise or activities. Think of your body being in 5th or 6th gear, during this time, as if it were a car. Now when we catch ourselves breathing through the mouth at rest or sitting down, this is a sign that your body is not in the proper gear, instead, it’s in overdrive while we are doing nothing! When we train our body to breathe through the nose, this allows our physiology to return to a relaxed, regenerative, and repaired state.

A simple exercise we recommend is to try breathing as little breaths per minute as possible for 5-10 minutes. For example, 5s in, 5s hold, 10s out, 10s hold would be 30s for one breath. This would equate to 2 breaths per minute, which is a great level of achievement. We recommend 2-6 breaths per minute. Try to keep that going for the total duration (5-10 min) is the goal. 

Check out this video if you want to learn more about the science behind these specific breathing techniques and how it affects our body’s physiology by Patrick McKeown of Buteyko Breathing.


Creating a habit of consistently getting 20-30 minutes of sunlight daily (especially early morning) supports the body to activate hormone D and increases natural melatonin production at night, which are extremely important to a healthy immune system. Adequate sunlight triggers T-cells produce hydrogen peroxide and helps increase the circulation of them throughout the body. T-cells are like guards patrolling the perimeter of a secured area spotting any potential microbial threats and eliminate them before damage is done.


Giving your body clean, acid-free water, without harmful chemical & pharmaceuticals added extremely reduces stress on our body. The more we can reduce toxic chemical stress from coming into the body, the more we will support how effectively the body can function. As you see a consistent theme, making a change in the quality of water you drink adds to the equation of strengthening your immune system.


This invisible stress which stems from WiFi routers, cellphones, cell towers, smart meters, computers, laptops, etc. has been studied and proven to disrupt the health of our cells. Putting the body into a fight or flight state. Another environmental stress that plagues today’s society that only a generation or two has been faced with. The environmental working group has many studies below connecting many chronic issues people are facing with more today than ever!

A company we both stand by is Blushield. They have amazing products that help keep the body in a natural state while there is a constant barrage of non-native emf in the modern environment. Learn more about how cell phones specifically cause damage to our cells.

Mitigating non-native emf as much as possible will not only reduce stress against your immune system, but allocate that energy used for more important functions. Here are a few tips we implement into our lives: Turning wifi routers off at night, direct connecting laptops/computer, keeping phone on airplane mode when sleeping, using headphones/speaker phone, and keeping head away from outlets during sleep.


Why are more people sick during the winter months? First, we have to look at when the light bulb came into existence, which was relatively a short time ago (1879). Before then we lived with the sun, candle lights, fireplaces, and other amber colors during times when the sun was not out. Fast forward to now, people are constantly surrounded with  bright fluorescents, LED’s, computer screens, phones, & TVs that emit fake/artificial light. During hours when the sun is not out this sends a signal to our body to go into a stressed state (fight or flight). Again this is combined with many of the stressors present above and below creating more imbalance, making it more difficult for the body to return back to a healing and regenerative state.

There are methods/tools one can use to adapt to the modern lifestyles of this artificial light by using candle lights, red light bulbs, incandescent bulbs, blue-blocking glasses, covering skin/eyes (when around bright light), salt lamps, software blue-light filters (phones & computers), and avoiding night shift work. More info will be attached below for the science explaining in greater detail about how exactly being around this artificial light thrashes the immune system.


A lot of individuals we have worked with usually are taking a bunch of low quality supplements that create more of an issue for the person than it benefits. We have experimented with many different supplements and want to share our top 3 to support the body in creating a dynamic immune system. This includes wild oregano p73 super strength, activated charcoal, & magnesium chloride spray/bicarbonate.

Dr. Cass Ingram & Morley Robbins each go into detail discussing the extreme benefits of oregano oil & magnesium. 

Oregano Oil:


Activated Charcoal: Acts as a natural antibiotic by binding endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide) found in the gut. Endotoxin is present in all chronic diseases and sickness. When this toxin is present in the gut it leaks into the bloodstream, creating inflammatory cytokines and setting off a cascade of stress hormones.


When we give our body adequate & sufficient protein, carbs, fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, & amino acids, imagine supplying a Ferrari with the highest quality gas in the world. Giving that Ferrari diesel fuel, when it doesn’t require that fuel source, we will begin to see dysfunctions.  This applies to your body, but even more intricate than a car. it has psychological needs in order from proper structure, function, and keeping the energetic state of our cells high. From personal experience & working with many clients, we have seen some similarities. This includes eating within 30 minutes of rising, having protein & carbohydrate with each meal, the sourcing of foods, choosing anti-stressful foods, eating easily digestible foods, avoiding polyunsaturated fats, and iron-fortified foods.


Without the proper positive mindset, nothing from the above list will fully work how it’s supposed to. When we fully understand our bodies were designed with an amazingly strong immune system, it empowers us mentally, physically, & emotionally. If you believe that you are your diagnosis or its genetics and getting sick runs in your family, then this will most likely become your reality. Wherever your focus goes, energy flows! Stick to focusing on how you can get better by taking action to implement any of the above tips that resonate most with you. 

We always recommend doing your own research and always questioning your belief system. If you have seen the value in this article and wish to take your health & fitness to a level you could have never imagined, schedule a phone consultation on the front page of our website. At the very least, share this article and our mission with anyone in your close circle that can benefit from becoming the best versions of themselves.

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God Bless,

Nick & Nathan


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