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How To Outsmart Stress

Written by Nick & Nathan

July 5, 2020

Throughout our healing journey, we both found ourselves down a rabbit hole of chasing symptoms, which created a revolving door of never getting to the root cause of our health problems. We understand how frustrating this can be and hope to clear the waters for many who may be going through similar experiences of still dealing with health issues. Whether it be a gut issue, physical pain, brain fog, lipofuscin, Lyme disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, insomnia, anxiety, auto-immune disease, aging fear-based mindset, inflammation, chronic fatigue, dementia, unstable mood, depression, no motivation, etc. Unfortunately, ourselves, friends, family, clients, and you OR someone close to you has dealt with one or more of the following symptoms. Our goal is to educate those and make more sense to how simple the human body works.

Dr. Hans Selye is acknowledged as the “Father” of the field of stress research and has gained worldwide recognition for introducing the concept of stress in a medical context. He advanced the fact that stress plays a role in EVERY DISEASE, and that failure to cope with or adapt to the stressors can produce “diseases of adaptation”. Dr. Seyle, along with Dr. Ray Peat, Dr. Broda Barnes, and many other doctors have found the symptoms and diseases above are all synonymous with having elevated stress hormones. This includes cortisol, serotonin, adrenaline, estrogen, and prolactin. If you want to get these levels checked, we recommend using Having a stress response is not inherently bad, it becomes a problem when it never gets shut off. Most individuals are stuck in this state, and over time results in an energy deficiency. 

We will go more into detail about the specific emotional situations, foods, environmental factors, chemicals, and exercise habits that can all create a stress response. Physiologically, your body goes into a “fight or flight” state, which many of you have heard of. Think of “fight or flight” as if you were to go on a hike or ride a rollercoaster. Your body has to expend energy for that scenario. Now after a hike you essentially rest, eat, take a nap, drink water, and return back to homeostasis (parasympathetic state). It is natural for you body to be able to create a “fight or flight” response, but MOST individuals in today’s modern world, are stuck in this stressed state physiologically. Essentially, we are never getting off the rollercoaster. 

Another example, think of your body as a bank account. The stressors in your life equal you withdrawing money, while the energy you are giving your body is depositing money. Again, MOST individuals are withdrawing way more money (stressors) that are known, and many unknown, creating extreme bankruptcy. The disease process takes time and symptoms may not arise for 5, 10, 15+ years before you actually experience them. A simple sign that your body is beginning to go down this stress cascade is when you lose your appetite in the morning. Now, let’s discuss the 5 areas of stress in detail so you can become aware of which ones relate to your life. 


  1. Breaking a bone, twist an ankle, stubbing your toe.
  2. Deficient posture and improper gait cycle
  3. Over-exercising or not enough movement
  4. Surgeries
  5. Car accident
  6. Playing a sport


  1. Deodorants, body wash, detergents, cologne, makeups, hair spray, perfumes 
  2. Pharmaceuticals, poorly sourced supplements
  3. Alcohol
  4. Plastics/Tupperware 
  5. Dioxins, PCBs, BPA/BPS, Pesticides, Inorganic minerals, Insecticides, Glyphosate, PAHs, Heavy Metals, etc.


  1. Divorce, breakup, ending a relationship
  2. Death in the family
  3. Negative work environment
  4. Long commute/traffic
  5. Attached to outcomes, no self-love, fear-based mindset, & judging 


  1. Artificial Bright Lights (fluorescents, LEDs, computer screen, phones, laptops)
  2. Non-Native EMF/EMR (wifi router, phones, tvs, cell towers, dirty electricity, bluetooth)
  3. Air Quality/Pollutants/Mold
  4. Tap Water, Bottled, Alkaline, Bathing water, 
  5. Staying up late & getting no sunlight
  6. Mundane Habits/Routine


  1. Highly Unsaturated Fats (omega-3s/6s, PUFA)
  2. Fried foods, packaged, cereals, granola, fortified foods, high fructose corn syrup
  3. Raw vegetables/salads & soy products
  4. Heavy consumption legumes, nuts, seeds, beans
  5. Heavy consumption of chicken, pork, fatty fish. Factory farmed & deli meats

All of these stressors create the same physiological response as if you were getting chased down by a lion (fight or flight). Many of these stresses may be unknown to you and your current lifestyle, but everything listed should be taken into account. Otherwise, you are limiting yourself from unlocking your body’s potential. 

We recommend reading the prior blog post to educate yourself on how to incorporate more anti-stressful habits while mitigating as much of the stressors present above. This allows your body to increase its energy production (money) in your bank account, so avoid bankruptcy (symptoms listed above or serious disease).

Download our free trigger point guide where we teach and educate more in depth on the basics of rebuilding a foundation to health, while mitigating many unknown stressors that could be present in your current lifestyle. Follow us on Instagram: Lamannafitness and Colonna_Fitness, Youtube: & Mitigate Stress 2.0 where we constantly provide more in-depth content for visual learners. 

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God Bless,

Nick & Nathan


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