Mitigate Stress PresentsRecovery + Performance MembershipDon’t Just Look Good, Feel Good Too.

Welcome to MGS RPM! We’re thrilled to introduce you to our Movement, Recovery & Performance-based Online Membership. Watch our introductory video to learn about what’s in store for you and how this membership will transform your life.

What is our Membership/Goal

MGS RPM is designed to provide the ultimate online recovery and performance program that anyone can access from anywhere in the world. Our goal is to help you move pain-free, prevent injury, build functional muscle, enhance mobility, improve digestion, lower stress, and achieve both physical and mental peak performance. We aim to make you an Adaptive Athlete, ready to perform and take on each day with confidence.

Course Features

  • Daily routines to maximize recovery and performance
  • Detailed self-analysis using a mirror and journal
  • Foundational corrective exercises
  • Daily corrective posture walks
  • Guidance on optimal movement, food and supplementation, environmental stress, and mental/spiritual health


  • Daily Workout Regimen: Focused on posture, corrective exercises, and ongoing education to learn how to move pain-free.
  • Advanced Nutrition Guidance: Learn about nutrient-dense foods that go beyond just counting calories and macros to optimize your recovery and performance.
  • Monthly Live Zoom Q&A Sessions: Get your questions answered and receive personalized advice to help you progress towards your goals.
  • Mindset Techniques: Improve every aspect of your life with proven mindset strategies.
  • 24/7 Text Message Support: Access support from multiple trainers anytime, all for less than $1/day.

How it Works

Over the next few weeks, you will follow a structured routine designed to build your foundation in movement, recovery, and performance. Start with a self-analysis to create awareness and set your baseline. Then, engage in daily corrective exercises and posture walks, gradually expanding your skills and understanding of optimal human movement. Our program is built around four key pillars to ensure a comprehensive approach to your health and performance:

  1. Optimal Movement: The primary focus is on moving better and more often to enhance physical performance and prevent injuries.
  2. Food & Supplementation: Simple yet essential guidance on nutrition to support your recovery and performance goals.
  3. Environmental Stress: Strategies to mitigate environmental stressors that can hinder recovery and performance.
  4. Mental & Spiritual Health: Techniques to develop a healthy response to stress and improve overall mental and spiritual well-being.

    Who is this for?

    MGS RPM is for anyone looking to enhance their physical and mental well-being. Whether you are an athlete, a busy professional, a parent, or someone looking to improve your overall health, this membership is designed to be practical, sustainable, and effective for all ages and fitness levels.

    Community Access ✅

    When you join our membership, you will be added to the private MGS community forum where you can ask questions and discuss topics with Nick & Nathan and other members of the Mitigate Stress community. This forum provides a supportive environment to share your progress, seek advice, and connect with like-minded individuals.

    Pricing ✅

    • Month to Month Pricing: $45/Month (3 Month Commitment)
    • 12 Month Pricing: $30/Month, billed annually
    • Lifetime Membership: $500 (Includes Lifetime Access + 1 Custom Program Design Phone Call), billed once

    Join MGS RPM today and start your journey to becoming the most athletic, capable, and high-performance version of yourself!