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Stress Causing Supplements to Avoid

Written by Nick & Nathan

July 5, 2020

Many commercial-grade vitamin and mineral concentrates are synthesized by the large pharmaceutical and chemical companies from the same starting material that they make their drugs from (coal tar, wood pulp, petroleum products, waste and fecal matter, shells, animal byproducts, metal, and ground rocks). The tricky part is sourcing supplements correctly, because they have been synthetically made depleting our body of energy causing more imbalance within us. Over our health journey we have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on supplements that continually created more complications and want to educate you on what to look out for when investing in them.

Now, there have been great advances in the food and supplement industry created over the past 100 years. However, there is a dark side to this convenience that needs to be discussed. Starting to do more research on how all food (organic or not) has been grown with NPK fertilizer, acid rain/tap water (that depletes minerals in soil), and ‘other ingredients’ added in supplements. The Environmental “Protection” Agency’s website states that most fertilizers that are commonly used in agriculture contain 3 basic plant “nutrients”: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. This NPK-based fertilizer actually poisons the plants because it is not how nature intended food to be grown and not to mention the fact that sewage sludge is used to grow food as well. 

Between 1990 and 1995, 600 companies sent 270 million pounds of toxic waste not even fit for lined landfills to farms and fertilizer companies countrywide (EWG, 1998). Much of that came from the steel industry, which introduces toxic metals such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, & nickel. These metals are known to affect the reproductive and developmental systems, liver, and blood health of the body. Produce that we think are “healthy” do not filter out heavy metals and inorganic minerals like ruminant animals do, and instead soak up these poisons readily. 

If we want to get to the root of our issues and support the human body with vitality and mineral balance, we have to look at what nature intended us to consume. Whole food supplements are always a higher priority than taking an individual, chemically manufactured, synthetic mineral like zinc, copper, selenium, multivitamins, Omega-3/6s, B12, vitamin D, calcium, iron, etc. Below we will cover our top 4 stress-causing supplements and give solutions for our top anti-stress causing supplements. 


  • 1. CALCIUM
  • Calcium deposits in soft tissues become worse when the diet is low in calcium. Supplementing calcium pills creates an imbalance in magnesium since it is an antagonist. Persons suffering from arthritis, bursitis, scleroderma, hardening of the arteries and any abnormality where calcium deposits or spurs may cause pain are often afraid to eat foods rich in calcium. Actually they can never improve until their calcium and magnesium intakes are adequate. Not infrequently physicians tell individuals with kidney stones to avoid all milk, thereby causing stones to form even more rapidly. Such calcium deposits can also occur when Vitamin E is undersupplied. After open-heart surgery, when both magnesium and vitamin E are drastically needed and could easily be given, the calcification of heart muscles often becomes so severe that it can cause death within a few days. Pages 17-172, Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, Adelle Davis, Signet, 1970.

    Resources: Article #1, Podcast 

  • Excess Iron is linked to over 100 autoimmune conditions stuck in the tissues and recycling system (RES). Nancy Andrews (DUKE), Marianne Wessing-Resnic (HARVARD), Rebecca King (MAYO), are the leading Drs. discussing this. In the 1960s the World Health Organization found that when iron supplements were given to anemic people in Africa, there was a great increase in death rate from infectious diseases, especially malaria. Iron produces destructive free radicals, similar to exposure of X-rays and gamma rays, both accelerate the accumulation of age-pigments and other signs of aging. Iron activates the fear center of the cell, and 5x more iron is found in a breast cancer cell, then a healthy cell. Burning fossil fuels created acid rain which liberated iron in excess amounts from the earth and poisoned our rivers, lakes, springs.

    Resources: Article, Iron Dangers (book), Video/Podcast

  • Most vitamin D is made from irradiated oil and vitamin D is actually a hormone that is produced within the body. When we take synthetic forms, this only depletes the body’s storage of magnesium which is inherently responsible for producing hormone D. Multivitamins contain inorganic forms of minerals that calcify, deteriorate and deplete the body of energy than it is actually providing. Magnesium is required to bind Vitamin D to its transport protein. Conversion of inactive D to Active D is completely magnesium-dependent. Magnesium intake alone contributes to improved Vitamin D status (Deng et al., 2013). 

  • 4. OMEGA-3/6S (FISH OIL)
  • Read our blog post regarding how these are destructive to human health.

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    Please read our blog post on magnesium to fully understand the benefits of why it is top priority. 99% of individuals in today’s stressed society are deficient in this mineral that runs 42% of the body’s enzymatic functions. 

    Resources: Video #1, Video #2Book 

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  • Shilajit is a source of fulvic, humic, and ulmic acids in the perfect amounts and ratios required for optimal health. It has been called a panacea for all human diseases. Over our health journey, shilajit has always stuck tried and true because the results from providing your body minerals it has been deficient in its entire life finally can function optimally. Why take it? Shilajit contains all 84 trace minerals and each mineral activates countless enzymes. You can think of each mineral as opening up a new electrical highway in your body. If you read above educating yourself on how our soils have been destroyed and there are no minerals in our food system nowadays, this is a vital piece to unlocking your body’s potential. 

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    Resources: Video #1, Study #1, Study #2

  • 4. VITAMIN E
  • Vitamin E has been shown to help prevent cancers caused by many chemicals in our environment. It stimulates our immune response and was advocated as an effective treatment for heart disease by Dr. Evan Shute of London, Ontario more than 50 years ago. Vitamin E is thought of as an antioxidant, when the reality is, that is one of its minor functions. It opposes every negative effect of estrogen and blocks it at the receptor. It prevents the creation of inflammatory prostaglandins. It spares progesterone and Vitamin A. It converts inflammatory linoleic acid into stable saturated fat. It increases energy production, and most importantly protects against the destructive process of lipid peroxidation. Lipid peroxidation is the term for when oxygen is added to polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs). Think of oxygen, iron, and rust, except with these toxic unsaturated fats like fish/algae/krill/cod oil. That process leads to the formation of age pigment lipofuscin. Lipofuscin only causes telomere damage, mitochondrial destruction, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, etc. 

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    Resources: Video #1, Article #1, Article #2 

    Sourcing your supplements is a huge deal, so that is why we have created a tools section on our website because we have seen the deception in the health and supplement industry. Continue doing your own research and never think you know everything. 

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    God Bless,

    Nick & Nathan


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