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The Best Natural Sleep Aid | Why Light Early in the Day is Crucial for Sleep

The Best Natural Sleep Aid | Why Light Early in the Day is Crucial for Sleep

Written by Nick & Nathan

August 5, 2018

Why Light Early In The Day is Beneficial For Sleep

Sleep is profoundly affected by light and the exposure at the wrong time can interfere with your sleep, creating a downward spiral unknowingly. When you expose yourself to sunlight in the early morning this will tremendously help improve the rate at which you fall asleep at night. Not only does this improve your body’s natural sleep rhythm, but doing so will also improve alertness as well as energy levels during the day. A recent study by scientists at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign investigated the effects of daylight exposure on the health of a group of office workers, including nighttime sleep and daytime activity levels.

The group of office workers who received more exposure to daylight (going outside and through windows), slept an average of 46 minutes more per night during the workweek than their coworkers who did not have windows or spend any time in the sunlight. It makes it simple to understand what can happen to our sleep/wake schedules when it becomes consistent with the solar night and day, as well as eliminating artificial light exposure at night.

The Study – Natural Light Exposure

At the University of Colorado in Boulder, scientists sent a small group of men and women into the Rocky Mountains for a week of camping. Their goal was to investigate the influence of exposure to natural light on circadian rhythms and sleep, with the absence of any artificial light. This specific group’s sleep patterns were observed at home, including individual amounts of timing of light exposure, before they made the trip into the woods. They lived in the woods like we would have done over 100 years ago, with campfires as their light during the night. The results were astounding!

All of the participants – many of whom had previously been on very different sleep schedules, all had their sleep/wake cycles become more similar to one another, and align more closely with the solar day and night. Sunlight in the morning will not be the ultimate fix, but we can guarantee that making a habit in your routine will improve your sleep and increase your feel-good hormones!

The Top 2 Products we recommend to solve this artificial light phenomena

  1. True Dark Blue Blockers – They come with 2 separate glasses, one for daytime and one for nighttime use. We have found these to be our favorite pair of blue blockers as they do not only block blue light, yet they block green, violet as well as yellow light.
  2. Red Light Bulbs – These are amazing for nighttime use when you are working or getting ready to check in for the night. Combine them with the blue blockers and you are set.

I guarantee you that these two products alone will make a huge impact on your quality of sleep. I know because they have for me. Stay consistent with your times of light exposure (and the right kind of light) and get ready to experience a remarkably different feeling of energy, balance, and the best sleep ever.

All the best,

Nick Lamanna – Bio-Hacking Specialist

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