2 Lessons

  1. Welcome to the first step in your journey toward a stress-free life! In this introductory video lesson, "Prepping the Foundation: Tools You Will Need," we will guide you through the essential tools and resources that will set you up for success in managing stress effectively.

    06:00 MINS
  2. Welcome to Week 1 of the MGS RPM Membership! In this foundational lesson, we're focusing on tracking your progress with metrics and goals. You'll learn how to use your journal to set and monitor goals across key areas: body composition, athleticism, conditioning, strength, power, posture, feel, sleep, looks, digestion, and mental and spiritual health. We'll teach you to rate each metric, track your improvements, and use video evidence to refine your technique. This sustainable approach will ensure you see continuous progress and achieve your optimal performance. Join us and start building your foundation today!

    05:00 MINS