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Our philosophy at Mitigate Stress is designed to connect the missing links that most individuals lack when it comes to their daily health and fitness routines. The goal is simple: Are you getting better, or are you getting worse? We want you to be on at least a 3% grade pointed towards the direction of simply getting better every day.

Many people focus on just one thing yet overlook many aspects of their routine, which leaves holes that drain their potential for optimal performance, affecting every aspect of their lives. Instead, we need to be slow and steady. We want to build a stable foundation that consistently yields results and is sustainable enough to commit to for a lifetime. 

We take a holistic approach, focusing on what works and mitigating what does not. Our goal is to unlock your body’s potential by providing the missing links. 

We cover 4 main pillars in our FREE Hydration Guide.


We will not only focus on efficient, stress-free meals, snacks, and drinks that are delicious and satiating, but we will also provide practical hacks, tips, and methods that will completely change the way you think about nutrition.

No more yo-yo dieting. It is just real food that hydrates your body and provides a balance of micro and macronutrients that are easily assimilated and utilized. You will feel an immediate difference in your nerves: more peace, calm, and ready to heal and perform.


Rather than exercising like a maniac, we will simply move more, walk more, stand more, play more, and dynamic stretch more rather than just working out. All of these are forms of movement. 

With movement, your metabolism increases, fascia is hydrated, lymphatic fluids, blood flow, organs, and nervous system are all moved throughout your body, allowing drainage, recovery, and the stimulation your body craves.

Our bodies are designed to move. In order to provide optimal length and tension to our fascia, we will use practical, foundational strength movements, working synergistically with all the other pillars to provide systemic cellular hydration.


You can only heal with an optimal environment. Our goal is to optimize your environment wherever you are. The problem is some people become neurotic and overloaded with the amount of toxicity present in their daily lives. We will cover air quality, EMF/light pollution, and more. 

We take the hard work out of figuring out how to mitigate your environment and have organized a plan to efficiently follow along with so you can minimize the heavy stress hitters and get back to living life, but with an environment that permits performance and recovery. Sleep better, recover faster, and perform better.

Mental/ Spiritual

This is arguably the most important pillar, but they all work synergistically with one another. The physical affects the mental/spiritual and vice versa. We already have heard of countless studies on the power of the mind and how it changes our chemical makeup, physicality, and entire life trajectory. 

We will focus on simple modifications that we can effortlessly add wherever and whenever throughout our day. Remember, this is a 3% grade. We want to always point that needle in the direction of getting better every day. Your mind plays a huge part in this, so how can we overlook it?

Are you Ready?

Join us as we guide you towards a sustainable, gradual improvement of at least 3% daily on this journey to a healthier, happier you. Our FREE Posture Performance Routine will provide actionable tips to enhance your overall health.

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