5 Tips to Mitigate Stress This Holiday Season

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Don’t let the holidays stress you out. It’s a time of celebration and fellowship with our loved ones. However, with all the celebrations and parties, there may also be an abundance of desserts, casseroles, and time around the table. We want you to enjoy the festivities! Here are our tips to mitigate stress this holiday season.

Don’t Panic

Panic causes stress. The key is to practice awareness. Be mindful when eating, but also know that we don’t have to restrict our foods so much that we forgo the joys of fellowship with others. Fellowship with others reduces stress, and little treats won’t ruin everything.

Moderation Is Key

During the holidays, there may be a lot of desserts and sweets, but that doesn’t mean you should eat until you feel sick. Instead, follow the 80:20 rule of eating 80% nutrient-dense and healthy food so that your body can handle the 20% treats this holiday season.

Eat More Protein As You Consume More Sugar

If you are expecting to consume more than normal amounts of sugar this season, try and add more animal protein to balance your blood sugar levels. You can pair desserts with raw cheese or serve them after a protein-rich meal. Simple things like egg yolks in egg nog or bone broth in hot chocolate can help. Upping your minerals can also help your body balance the extra stress.

Move More

It’s important to keep your body moving. Even light exercise can help your body use up the extra calories consumed and keep your digestion flowing. When we are stagnant, so is our lymphatic system. Try and make sure you are supporting your body’s lymphatic movement by moving your body well. Taking walks after meals, trigger point therapy, and lymphatic massage are all great ways to support the body. Hot baths or saunas will also help to keep the lymphatic system draining so your body can work through any extra toxin load added this season.

Practice Gratitude

There is so much healing to be had when we are grateful for what we are given. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father, and He may be using this season to bring you back to Him. In our quest to achieve health and do everything “right,” we can lose sight of the fact that only God can save us. We must sometimes submit our desire for control to our greatest need for grace. If a neighbor brings you homemade cookies or a gift that doesn’t fit your diet exactly, be grateful for it instead of being judgmental. Let God use them to show you love. Gratitude changes stressed-out hearts into hearts of peace and joy. This Christmas season, as we celebrate the joy of Christ’s birth, let’s accept the peace that comes with the knowledge that He is the only one who can save, heal, and hold everything in His hands.

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