Are Ice Baths Better Than Hot Baths?

ice bath and hot tub

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Ice baths and jumping into cold water are something we all probably see people do on the internet or have experienced ourselves. While there can be benefits from these therapies, we believe getting the body soaking in hot water is much more important to unlocking our bodies’ potential.

Our lymph system is part of our circulatory system, which many of us in today’s polluted world do not work properly without cleaning and maintenance. Toxicity buildup in the lymphatic system, particularly in the glands and nodes, results in lymphatic congestion. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in nourishing all cells in the body, with the exception of red and white blood cells.

Moreover, it is responsible for detoxifying harmful substances, breaking them down into smaller molecules, and eliminating them through various pathways such as the bowels, urinary tract, tear ducts, ears, mucous membranes, and most importantly, the skin.

According to laboratory analysis by Ph.D. Aajonus Vonderplanitz, congestion in the lymphatic system is caused by chemicals like medications, industrial chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, and herbicides, along with hydrogenated oils such as margarine, soy, flavoring additives, and vegetable oils. These oils and combinations become hardened over 5-20 years and are not fluid at body temperature.

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You can also read the full blog on lymphatic hot baths here.

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