Magnets are Healing? Review of the Magnetico Sleep Pad, Is It Worth It?

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Do you know what the best thing about a good quality health tool is? The ability for it to fit into virtually anyone’s lifestyle and work passively to regenerate and heal someone’s body.

What we mean is, yes nutrition is king, but health tools add that next level component to your health if you use them correctly and consistently. That’s the best part about investing in a health tool, most of them fit effortlessly into your life (sometimes) and oftentimes work passively therefore you will likely end up being more consistent with these tools than perhaps diet and exercise. The best part about it is if say a client, friend, or family member is too stubborn to change their lifestyle, diet, and exercise routine, then you can at least recommend supplements, and of course health/lifestyle tools, such as TrueDark blue-blocking glasses, a hot tub, a sauna, a red light therapy device, a Magnetico Sleep Pad, and more.

The thing is, these tools have stuck around with us much longer than our dietary choices. We are constantly refining our environment, our food, and our overall health choices in general. When it comes to magnetism though, there is definitely one name that stands the test of time. There are many gimmicks, cheaper alternatives, knock-offs, and other health tools that perhaps may give a temporary boost of energy, but provide little to no positive long-term benefits.

We focus on the essentials first. When we were poor we obviously couldn’t buy every health tool, but we at least made it a priority to save for a Magnetico Sleep Pad. It is by far one of our top 3 favorite health tools that we have ever utilized. As we mentioned earlier, we love passive regeneration, and that is exactly what the Magnetico Sleep Pad does. The sleep pad provides passive regeneration via magnetism as you rest on it. Our only regret, not buying the 20 Gauss (more powerful model). 

The sleep pad does not require any wiring or electricity. It is always on and very simple to set up. Magnetico offers 3 ranges, a 5, 10, and a 20 gausses sleep pad, which is placed directly under your bed. Be sure to have a very sturdy bed frame, I ended up buying one from Walmart, which supports over 1,000 pounds. The king-size 20 gauss sleep pad is 396 pounds! If you want to check them out, you can use our 15% discount codeMGS. This will help you save up to $547 on your Magnetico Sleep Pad purchase. Check Magnetico out here.

We purchased a 10 Gauss (Core Pad) Magnetico Sleep Pad over 2 years ago, since then we both have used it quite a bit whether napping or sleeping.

These are our observations as we have used our sleep pad:

  • It has become quicker/easier to take naps and fall asleep.
  • Faster recovery times after stressful/intense workdays and/or workouts.
  • More refreshed and energized upon waking from naps or a night’s sleep
  • Noticeably more relaxed at night, definitely has contributed to overall mood & energy during the day as well
  • Definitely a lot more drainage, and less congestion, irritability, and fatigue.

Just note that it wasn’t always love and light. You will go through an initial heavy metal detoxification and lymphatic drainage phase. This is completely normal and necessary in order to live a healthier, more youthful life. We will be discussing this in more detail later.

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Why Do You Need Magnetism?

the brain and the earth - sources of magnetism

All of your living cells are electromagnetic by nature and require magnetism to survive. There are only two natural sources of magnetism readily available to us.

  1. Your Brain – Roughly 80% of the human brain is composed of astrocyte cells. These cells generate electricity and produce a pulsed, electromagnetic field with efficiency. Magnetic resonance occurs when the brain’s pulsed magnetic frequency matches the frequencies of your various tissues and organs. When they are in resonance, there is an enhancement of molecular action, which is a catalyst to the chemical actions in the tissue in that area.
  2. The Earth – It provides a supportive, steady-state, magnetic field that your body literally depends on to enhance the molecular reactions in your body.

When we sleep, both the Earth’s magnetic field and our brain work together to accomplish magnetic resonance. This occurs when the brain’s pulsed magnetic frequency matches the frequencies of various tissues and organs. Magnetic resonance helps to repair damaged cells, produce enzymes, and increase oxygen-carrying capacity leading to improved energy and healing.

The Earth has lost an estimated 70-80% of its magnetic field over the last 4,000 years. It is little known that magnetism is as essential to life as air, water, and food. The depleted magnetic field has caused the atoms in our bodies to be in a lower energy state. Therefore, it is more difficult for magnetic resonance to restore and rejuvenate body organs and tissues.

The modern, technological age has brought on many innovations that have greatly benefited humanity but have also caused a great deal of stress upon many humans unknowingly. The outside electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) your body is exposed to are higher and stronger than ever before. These frequencies override the vital brain function of magnetic resonance with your organs and tissues. This interference promotes a fatigued, deoxygenated, and weakened state that can contribute to the long-term development of chronic ailments.

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A Brief Overview of the History

Magnets are not something new or revolutionary per se. In fact, people have been using magnets for healing and therapeutic properties since 2,000 B.C. The earliest record of magnetism is found in a Chinese book entitled “Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine” (Circa 2000 BC) where it is referred to in conjunction with the practice of acupuncture.

References to the early use of magnetism in the healing arts are found in most civilizations of the world:

  • Cleopatra is claimed to have worn a lodestone on her forehead to prevent aging.
  • The famous Persian physician Ali Abbas describes using magnetism to relieve spasms and gout around 1000 AD. 3
  • Galen, a noted Greek physician, author, and educator, referred to magnetism as an excellent purgative. 3
  • William Gilbert, from England (1544-1603), literally put magnetism on the map. After nearly two decades of study and experimentation, he published a world-view changing treatise entitled “De Magnete” or “On the Magnet” in 1600. It was the first scientific work published in English and proposed that the Earth itself is a magnet. He was also the first to believe that magnetism and electricity were two types of a single force. Gilbert was a medical doctor and in 1599 became president of the College of Physicians. He was later appointed royal physician, serving both Queen Elizabeth I and her successor, King James I.

 It was not until the 1950s where scientists began to study and prove the powerful effects of magnetism on health. Unfortunately, many humans still to this day do not understand the healing benefits of magnetism, let alone the extreme dangers of non-native electromagnetic frequencies and wireless signals that we are flooded with in today’s world. Just because you cannot see it does not mean it is affecting your health, greatly, in either direction.

Even though magnets have been used for thousands of years, from our research, the Magnetico Sleep Pad is the only patented design proven to generate the correct magnetic environment your body needs to improve restoration and rejuvenation. When the magnetic field is increased properly, it enhances the astrocyte cells in the brain (mentioned earlier). This allows them to displace more voltage and amperage, which enhances magnetic resonance, even to the point where a person can feel it. In North America, the magnetic field must be pure negative and completely pass through the body to complement the negative field of the Northern Hemisphere.

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What is Detoxification?

Detox is a buzzword nowadays. It has infiltrated the health sphere in both mainstream and alternative health communities alike. It has also become one of the top-selling “buzzwords” in marketing for supplements and health tools. Nonetheless, detoxification is still a very real, natural, and scientifically proven process, whether you are detoxifying heavy metals, industrial pollutants, oxidized poly-unsaturated fats, or perhaps removing layers of plaque and endotoxin that is caked on the walls of your bowels and arteries. Your body is bombarded with toxins from all walks of life and is constantly trying to rid itself of these toxic substances to survive. 

Unfortunately, the toxic load is often too overwhelming for most individuals to effectively eliminate. That being said, we require tools, mitigation techniques, stress management, and proper nourishment to ensure our organs are performing the best they can to properly eliminate deep-seated waste/toxins gathered either from our food, environment, metabolic waste and tools we use on a daily basis whether for work or fun.

When it comes to trying anything new, it usually gets worse before it gets better, it’s the way the human body is designed to operate. We must eliminate before we can rebuild, so be ready to experience detoxification symptoms, learn about them, and embrace them so when you experience “flu-like symptoms”, migraines, and fatigue as we have experienced, then you will be far less stressed when it does happen. Many individuals are very afraid of experiencing a fever, but as Parmenides spoke of in 500 BC, “Give me the power to produce fever and I’ll cure all disease.” Times have changed, but we believe this is still just as relevant today as it was back then, at least in our experience and research.

When utilizing a Magnetico Sleep Pad you are bound to experience detoxification symptoms at one point or another. Remember, healing is never linear. Through many years of research, the Magnetico company has observed that the increased negative magnetic field produced by their sleep pads assists your body in expelling environmental toxins. They are so confident through their success, that they are certain you will be amazed at the renewed energy and symptom relief you will operate under once your body is free of the environmental “sludge”.

This is because most toxins have a positive (+) charge. The increased negative (-) energy from the Magnetico Sleep Pad, which supplements the Earth’s depleted field, passes through all the cells of your body. More specifically, the higher amounts of negative (-) magnetic energy increase the efficiency of the mitochondria, which produces ATP, the vital element for charging up the cell walls. When sufficiently charged, the cell will then expel toxins and waste products more efficiently.

For your body to expel these toxins, they must be filtered through your lymphatic system, passed through your liver and kidneys, and finally excreted in your urine. Body aches, headache, fatigue, brain fog, and sciatic nerve sensitivity may accompany detoxification. These symptoms can be an indication that the Magnetico Sleep Pad is working! 

Detoxification symptoms will vary due to the health condition and toxicity of each individual. Typically, symptoms will be greatly diminished in the first two weeks, as the toxic load is lightened. It is important to note that the majority of people may not notice any significant detoxification symptoms, although some detoxification is occurring.

Many individuals may assume that they do not fall into a toxic category. In fact, many are not aware of their lifetime consumption of heavy metals, carcinogens, hormone disruptors, respiratory toxins, neurotoxins, and more. A 2006 study of four “healthy” Canadian Government leaders who volunteered to be tested, revealed unexpected results. The test involved 103 pollutants, which they found 61 in the four subjects.

The following toxins that were found included:

  • 54 Carcinogens
  • 37 Hormone Disruptors
  • 16 Respiratory Toxins
  • 54 Reproductive or Developmental Toxins
  • 33 Neurotoxins

The health conditions listed below often indicate a higher chance of toxicity:

  • Autism
  • Lyme’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease 
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue
  • People whose dental history involves more than five silver amalgam fillings on chewing surfaces.

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Scientific Validation

Magnetico is active in participating in and collecting research information. As the past President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy and with his ongoing commitment to work and research in the biomagnetic industry, Dr. Bonnie is a well-respected teacher and guest speaker at various conferences and medical schools. He has contact with many medical and scientific research specialists who are involved in studying and showcasing the effects and health benefits of magnetism.

The Studies:

  1. A study conducted by Dr. Vallbona at Baylor University found that pain from Post Polio Syndrome was significantly reduced in a placebo-controlled, double-blind study using small bipolar magnets. The effect was temporary and was probably of the stimulatory type, but the study proves that there is an effect.
  2. Dr. Weintraub is a neurologist who completed and published a study from the New York Medical College utilizing magnetic insoles in the reduction of pain from diabetic neuropathy. This also was a placebo-controlled, double-blind study that showed a significant reduction in pain in the feet temporarily.
  3. In 1999 a study paper was published by the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy conference by Dr. Bonlie. Six mice around 6 months of age were put into a special cage designed to block out all but one-tenth of the present value of the geomagnetic field and given food with water, for a 4-month time period. Dr. Bonlie observed that they visibly went into slow motion within just a few hours. One mouse died within the first 24 hours. The others began compensating by eating voraciously up to 2x their normal amount, as a result, they became very obese while their activity levels slowed down by roughly 80% overall. This is a clear indication of the importance of environmental magnetism on living organisms.
  4. Dr. Gummies DSC, a scientific researcher who worked on Project Genesis for The World Development Organization, studied longevity under increased magnetic fields. He tested over 23 different kinds of insects. This was a double-blind study where half of them were on the magnetic pad and half of them were just in the normal magnetic field. The ones on the magnetic pad lived around 5 times longer as opposed to the control group. He was also able to increase the life span of human tissue cells by 2.5 times.
  5. Another study was presented to the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy in January 1996. This one was a double-blind study conducted with 29 patients by Dr. G Lewis MD. Twenty used the Magnetico Sleep Pad and nine used placebo pads. All were on standard fibromyalgia treatment. By the end of six months, the patients who were utilizing the Magnetico Sleep Pads showed an average of 2.4 times the improvement, which included pain reduction, more energy (less fatigue), and more endurance while working throughout the day. 
  6. Dr. C. DeMarco MD, of Toronto, conducted a small pilot study on six of her worst chronic fatigue patients using the Magnetico mattress and headboard. At the end of six months, all patients showed improvement in three out of five dysfunctions including one patient that improved in all categories. The categories included: hours of work, fatigue after exercise, sleep, sense of well-being, and cognitive function. Three out of six people were able to return to work. Dr. Bonlie presented this study to the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy.

As you can see there are quite a few studies (and more) showcasing the efficacy of utilizing magnets for therapeutic purposes and healing. Just remember, these results are only produced long-term if the sleep pad is manufactured with the correct type and amount of magnets that are spaced and organized properly, never placed on top of the mattress. 

Fibromyalgia Study

University of Virginia Doctors, Alfano and Taylor, have completed a larger study treating fibromyalgia patients with magnetic pads. They tested both the bipolar type and the unipolar (Magnetico) type for their effectiveness in the reduction of pain and enhancement of function. This was also a randomized, placebo-controlled study, which showed an improvement in function and reduction of pain. Only the Magnetico pad showed a significant decrease in pain and increase in function as compared to the placebo pads.

Red Blood Cell Studies

In a study of 120 participants, it was found that all had a reduction in red blood cell clumping after just a 20-minute treatment with the Magnetico Sleep Pad.

clumped red blood cells

Before: Note the clumped appearance of the red blood cells. This formation is common in people with excessive amounts of stress, health issues, and chronic fatigue. Most humans experience fatigue at the end of the day, this results in a loss of charge on blood cells causing them to stick to each other. 

healthy spacing between red blood cells

After: Twenty minutes of exposure to an increased negative magnetic field enhances chemical reactions, which builds up the charge on cell walls. The cells will then repel each other, which eliminates the clumping. With more surface area readily available, the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells is greatly enhanced. Pulse oximeter tests also prove these substantial increases in oxygen saturation levels in the blood of participants who had just 20-minute sessions on the Magnetico Sleep Pad.

Arterial Plaque Removal Study

This study was an independently conducted pilot study, six out of six participants showed a staggering 80% removal of plaque. Subjects were sleeping on a 20-gauss Magnetico Sleep Pad and taking a chelation agent. They had all been chelated previously without success. Their angina problems were either eliminated or greatly reduced in the six-month trial period. Independent testing was conducted to confirm the results.

Below is a clinical pilot study of 13 healthy subjects that was conducted by an independent private physician. The study supports the increased detoxification capability associated with the Magnetico Sleep Pad, Super Model (20 Gauss). 

The study involved three urine challenge tests, all analyzed by an independent lab:

  • Test 1 – Baseline Levels, taken three days before any treatment.
  • Test 2 – After one night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad.
  • Test 3 – After the second night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad plus taking one 500 mg DMSA capsule.

Test 2 Results:

Increased urinary excretion levels of toxic metals after just one night on the Magnetico Sleep Pad compared to baseline levels.

Test 3 Results:

The third test showcased increased urinary excretion levels of toxic metals on the second night. This test involved the subject using 500mg of a substance known as DMSA, which was taken at bedtime, compared to baseline levels. 

The percentages listed above were based on the average of all subjects’ test results.

We understand that there are other ways to safely excrete heavy metals, but we must also understand that sometimes when we attack heavy metals violently, it can cause even more issues from the recirculation of these toxic metals. There are many forms of chelation therapies that arguably work and do not work. We want to make it very clear that if you are performing any type of chelation therapy, it is highly recommended that you consume some form of raw saturated fat, such as raw unsalted cheese, raw butter, raw coconut cream, or coconut oil. These fats help to bind with and absorb toxins/poisons safely through the gastrointestinal tract.

The Magnetico Sleep Pad clearly showcases incredible results, but adding DMSA has shown even better results. Excretion levels are much higher with people experiencing symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. A particular binding agent is often required to facilitate this process. Magnetico recommends utilizing DMSA in capsule form as a good general chelator that has been used for over 50 years. It has an affinity for mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. They do state that it does require a prescription. 

There are also other types of chelating agents available out there, just be cautious and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about any particular chelation agent or therapy out there. This is not medical advice, however. You can also contact the Magnetico customer service at 1-800-265-1119 for more information.

Why Magnetico is the Best

Magnetico Sleep Pads are the only patented design that correctly restores our depleted geomagnetic field. Based on the scientific research of Dr. Dean Bonlie, D.D.S., they are specifically engineered to supply a pure negative magnetic field when correctly placed beneath a mattress.

Compared to other brands, the Magnetico Sleep Pad seems to be the best because they:

  • Contains more Magnets than any other magnetic mattress.
  • Are made with larger magnets than any other brand. We can notice the difference in the weights when compared.
  • Expose you only to the healing negative field of the magnets; rather than the positive field which can drain your body of vital energy.
  • Offer three strength levels including a 5, 10, and 20 gauss sleep pad you can choose depending on your needs.

The Magnetico Magnets are powerful; each Magnetico Sleep Pad utilizes an array of high-grade permanent ceramic alloy magnets measuring ⅜” x ⅞” x 1 ⅞” each. Their magnets have a manufacturer’s rating of 3,950 gausses. The engineered design requires hundreds of these magnets strategically placed close enough so that they work synergistically to act as one large magnet. The magnets are encased in polyurethane foam. The cover is removable and made with the highest quality, unbleached 100% cotton material.

When comparing the Magnetico Sleep Pad, we have noticed that the competitors have tried countless times to imitate, but always tend to use far fewer magnets and place the pad on top of the mattress. There are two reasons why this design is faulty.

  1. The weaker negative magnetic field does not penetrate through your entire body.
  2. The fewer and/or smaller magnets allow for larger areas of positive field exposure. Over time this exposure will drain your body of energy. A variety of chronic health issues and concerns can arise due to these complications and flawed engineering.

I don’t know about you, but we have spent thousands of dollars on the wrong products countless times only to be left putting down more money on a product we were trying to avoid due to cost reasons. We have experimented with other companies that specialize in magnetic therapy. They may cost less, but they are not nearly as effective as a Magnetico Sleep Pad. As mentioned above, competitors tend to cheap out and use far fewer magnets, which ends up producing a far inferior magnetic field than the Magnetico Sleep Pads. The best indicator of magnetic field strength is the total weight of the magnetic mattress pad. When comparing weights, you will find the Magnetico Sleep Pad is much heavier, providing a superior magnet density.

Below are 2 Comparison Diagrams

All other sleep pads end up exposing the body to alternating Positive and Negative fields when used as directed. The consumer may experience positive results at first, but as time goes on, eventually the body’s vital reserve of energy will become depleted and the benefits will fade away. Sometimes it is recommended to take a break upwards of 2-4 weeks if the person is fatigued or feeling sick. 

Magnetico states on their website that some newer models on the market imitate the Magnetico Sleep Pad by utilizing similar magnets and placing them all negative (-) side up. Although, because these pads are placed on the top of the best, you are still exposed to the positive (+) field spikes, which leads to fatigue and potentially even more dangerous health conditions.

photo of person laying on grass field

So Which Sleep Pad Should You Choose?

WARNING: Persons with an implanted electrical device such as a pacemaker, pain pump, defibrillator, or insulin pump cannot use the Magnetico Sleep Pad, as the magnetic field could interfere with the function of the device.

Important Notes: 

  • The Super Sleep System combines the Core Pad and a Booster Pad. If you do not currently own any sleep pad then the core pad is generally the best recommendation for anyone starting.
  • Magnetico Sleep Pads are fairly heavy, some sleep pads weigh well over 90lbs. We highly suggest that you use a friend or hire a professional to help with the initial setup of the product.

Magnetico offers 4 Sleep Pads:

  1. The Classic Sleep Pad (5 Gauss)
  2. The Booster Pad (10 Gauss) 
  3. The Core Pad (10 Gauss)
  4. The Super Sleep System (20 Gauss – Combines the Booster + Core Pad)

*The Super Sleep System combines the Core + the Booster Pad. Both are 10 Gauss equaling 20 Gauss, so if you are on a budget as we were and still are, you can purchase the Core Pad separately and later down the road buy the booster when you are ready. 

The Classic Sleep Pad is recommended for:

  • Healthy Children (From infancy to the early teen years)
  • Healthy Young Adults
  • Individuals with extreme sensitivities or perhaps an overabundance of toxicity
  • Individuals who have a smaller mattress and perhaps don’t want or need more intensity.

The Classic Sleep Pad, meaning the first mattress produced by Dr. Bonlie. The Classic provides a magnetic field that measures 5 gausses at the surface of an 8” mattress. It is most beneficial when used with a mattress that is between 4 and 8 inches thick. The Classic pad is 1½ inches thick. It’s the weakest of all the Magnetico Sleep Pads but nonetheless is still very effective and crucial for longevity and energy production. It is also the most affordable of all the Magnetico Sleep Pads.

The Core/Booster Sleep Pad is recommended for:

  • Individuals aged 40 or more
  • Busy, active teens who are under stress, play sports or study
  • Individuals who have physically demanding careers
  • Athletes who desire improved performance and recovery times
  • Individuals with health deficiencies and/or who suffer from high amounts of stress
  • Reducing Inflammation and Arthritic Pain
  • Increased Sleep Quality & Energy
  • Disease Prevention & Anti-Aging

The Core/Booster Pad provides a magnetic field that measures 10 gausses at the surface of an 8” mattress. The Model is the first stage of the Super Sleep System and is Magnetico’s mid-strength model, which many will consider as a great way to start. The Core pad is 1.375” thick. The Core Sleep Pad is compatible for use with a mattress that is between 8” and 14” thick.

The Super Sleep system is recommended for:

  • Individuals aged 55 or more
  • Individuals with particularly challenging health problems
  • All of the circumstances listed previously
  • Anyone who wants the best and most effective magnetic product available

The Super Sleep Pad System is necessary if your mattress is more than 14” thick, but it can be used with any thickness of mattress as long as you spaced roughly 4” away to avoid the draining positive magnetic fields. The Super Sleep system provides a negative magnetic field that measures 20 gausses at the surface of an 8” mattress. The Super Sleep pad is 2.75” thick.

If you are highly sensitive, you may feel inclined to start with a 5/10 gauss. This may seem like a logical decision both financially and safely speaking, but we are focused on results, and truly believe the 20 gauss is superior from all walks of life. We highly recommend starting with the 20 gausses. We think it is more of a long-term investment, and eventually, you’ll want to upgrade as we have. We don’t necessarily consider the 5/10 gauss a waste, the 10 has helped us tremendously. We are simply recommending not making the “mistake” we have and sharing our honest experience with Magnetico. 

We have enjoyed the 10 gausses, but we also ended up going with the 20 gausses in the long run (after we purchased the 10 gausses over 2 years ago). You should as well. One of the reasons is also because Nick ended up purchasing a bed (Plush Beds) that is 12” thick & larger overall, which can make some of the sleep pads less effective. This is a product you will be using for the rest of your life. They are highly durable, and they will most likely outlast your life here on earth so make your decision wisely and take the time to consider investing in the big boy 20 gausses. 

For those wishing to save some coin, as mentioned earlier, you also may want to consider purchasing the Core Sleep Pad (10 Gauss) first and later down the road purchase the Booster Sleep Pad (10 Gauss Extra) AKA The Super Sleep System. This is a product you will use roughly more than a third of your life. We hope this article saves you some money, time and guides you to the right sleep system that is best for you and your life.

To make your decision less stressful, we would like to offer you a 15% discount code by using Code: MGS. This will help you save up to $547 on your Magnetico Sleep Pad purchase. Not only will this help you out, but this will also support our company to help bring you more content on how to mitigate your stress correctly. We hope this helps.

Thank you & God Bless,

Nick & Nathan

Single Size Description

Classic Sleep PadCore Sleep PadBooster Sleep PadSuper Sleep System
5 Gauss10 Gauss10 Gauss20 Gauss
1 ½” Thick1.375” Thick1.375” Thick2.75” Thick
384 Magnets720 Magnets720 Magnets1440 Magnets
39” Wide x 74” Long39” Wide x 74” Long39” Wide x 74” Long39” Wide x 74” Long
53 Pounds92 Pounds92 Pounds184 Pounds

Double Size Description

Classic Sleep PadCore Sleep PadBooster Sleep PadSuper Sleep System
5 Gauss10 Gauss10 Gauss20 Gauss
1 ½” Thick1.375” Thick1.375” Thick2.75” Thick
576 Magnets1056 Magnets1056 Magnets2112 Magnets
54” Wide x 74” Long54” Wide x 74” Long54” Wide x 74” Long54” Wide x 74” Long
78 Pounds136 Pounds136 Pounds272 Pounds

Queen Size Description

Classic Sleep PadCore Sleep PadBooster Sleep PadSuper Sleep System
5 Gauss10 Gauss10 Gauss20 Gauss
1 ½” Thick1.375” Thick1.375” Thick2.75” Thick
700 Magnets1248 Magnets1248 Magnets2496 Magnets
60” Wide x 80” Long60” Wide x 80” Long60” Wide x 80” Long60” Wide x 80” Long
90 Pounds160 Pounds160 Pounds320 Pounds

California King Size Description

Classic Sleep PadCore Sleep PadBooster Sleep PadSuper Sleep System
5 Gauss10 Gauss10 Gauss20 Gauss
1 ½” Thick1.375” Thick1.375” Thick2.75” Thick
729 Magnets1512 Magnets1512 Magnets3024 Magnets
72” Wide x 84” Long72” Wide x 84” Long72” Wide x 84” Long72” Wide x 84” Long
104 Pounds194 Pounds194 Pounds388 Pounds

King Size Description

Classic Sleep PadCore Sleep PadBooster Sleep PadSuper Sleep System
5 Gauss10 Gauss10 Gauss20 Gauss
1 ½” Thick1.375” Thick1.375” Thick2.75” Thick
840 Magnets1560 Magnets1560 Magnets3120 Magnets
76” Wide x 80” Long76” Wide x 80” Long76” Wide x 80” Long76” Wide x 80” Long
118 Pounds198 Pounds198 Pounds396 Pounds

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