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gembared review

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In a world of false advertising and deceptive marketing tactics, it can be challenging to purchase products that actually do what they say they do and not the opposite of what they are promoting.

What do we mean by this? For example, let’s look at red light companies. There are quite a few red light companies on the scene in 2022, many of which offer a wide range of products to choose from. Some of their product claims are good, even great, while some are utter trash. Some sellers are just straight-up lying to the consumer. 

Our job was to find a red light brand that is authentic, transparent, and able to explain the engineering and science behind the technology. Thankfully we have found and purchased many red-light products from our favorite brand today, known as GembaRed.

What is Red Light? (We will discuss WHY later)

Red Light Therapy (RTL) is non-invasive, painless, and does not add any amount of stress or negative side effects to the body. It is a drug-free way to relieve existing pain whether superficial or bone/joint-related. Many patients feel pain relief after their first Red Light Therapy session. Red Light Therapy is, “a fast-growing technology used to treat a multitude of conditions that require stimulation of healing, relief of pain and inflammation, and restoration of function.”(Source) Red/Infrared Light utilizes non-coherent light sources consisting of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in specific wavelengths that produce a wide range of beneficial effects on the body, and can even support the body’s repair and regeneration of tissues and nerves.

Red Light Therapy doesn’t just relieve pain, but it also stimulates and accelerates our body’s own innate healing processes. Radiation of tissue with light causes an increase in mitochondrial products such as ATP, NADH, protein, and RNA.

Check Out Andrew’s (GembaRed) Story

“Andrew LaTour is the founder and owner of GembaRed LLC. He is an experienced chemical and materials engineer with lean Six-Sigma training. Andrew learned about biohacking in 2015 while he was at a Raw Vegan retreat. At the time he was obese, pre-diabetic, and had chronic sinus issues. He embraced a biohacking methodology for the same reason that many people do, he was sick and tired of being sick and tired! Over the past years he has revolutionized his health by dropping over 65lbs, regaining his energy, and improving his immune system.

Always seeking and researching new health upgrades, Andrew was stumped by the light therapy industry. How could it be that the same things that are ubiquitous to our everyday lives (LED lights), suddenly cost so much money?

After thorough searching, Andrew knew what he had to do. Thus, GembaRed LLC was formed to provide customers reasonably-priced LED devices that they can incorporate in their daily lives! It is Andrew’s vision that Red and Near Infrared devices are a common household item, used as often as we use a toothbrush.

Help us reach our vision by buying, using, sharing, and talking about our products!”

Well, to be honest, we support GembaRed 100% just alone for this message. Andrew’s vision is to make red light an affordable household item (compared to the competition) in virtually every household. Use code MGS10 for 10% off at GembaRed.

Today, we want to discuss our favorite red light panel on the market. The GembaRed Beacon. It is the lowest-EMF panel in its class and it has virtually no/low-flicker rate and high value red and near-infrared light therapy.

Why the Beacon is the Best

When comparing the Beacon to other red light manufacturers’ similar products, and to other GembaRed red lights, we have noticed it is the most powerful and intense red light therapy that we have ever used.

Again, the reason most other brands cannot compete is mainly due to their EMF output and flicker rate, therefore restricting how close you can actually be to the device. When compared to our other GembaRed devices such as the Groove, it’s almost 16x the Power Density! It’s literally half the time needed when using the Beacon versus the Groove. This doesn’t mean it’s necessarily better, it’s just better for various applications. 

That’s why we have multiple red light panels. The Beacon comes in especially handy for those deeper, intense healing sessions, especially when applying it to an injury or for wound healing. Even digestion and organ function are noticeably more improved from the power upgrade of the Beacon.

The Beacon is an intense device and should not be left on too long. If used for too many minutes in a session, you could experience diminishing returns and possible side effects. Plus, it gets really hot after a while.

For reference sake, here is the Intensity Output comparing the Groove and the Beacon.

Intensity Output for the Groove:

Distance from PanelPower Density
0.25 Inch7.0 mW/cm²
1 Inch6.9 mW/cm²
3 Inch6.5 mW/cm²
6 Inch5.4 mW/cm²
12 Inch2.4 mW/cm²

Intensity Output for the Beacon:

Distance from PanelPower Density
0 Inch115* mW/cm²
6 Inch24  mW/cm²
12 Inch24  mW/cm²
24 Inch19 mW/cm²
36 Inch13 mW/cm²

Flicker Measurements:

Flicker Percentage: 0.9% (professionally measured)

Flicker Frequency: N/A (flicker percentage too low)

Unlike other leading, deceptive brands, GembaRed has virtually no EMF even at 0 inches. This means you can actually gain the benefits of true red light therapy by putting it directly on your skin. If you hold it further away, past 6 inches, 90% of the light will bounce off the skin. This 6-inch plus distance measurement is what most red light companies tell you to keep their devices because they contain high amounts of EMF. If you are too close to their devices it can be very dangerous when used daily or even weekly.

The Beacon consumes roughly 37 watts and contains four wavelengths across 54 LEDs: 630nm, 660nm, 830nm, and 850 nm. In simple terms, these measurements reflect a lighter red light, a darker red light, and two (invisible) near-infrared lights. This is the highest intensity red light therapy device we have used on the market. To accomplish those wavelengths they use 30-degree lenses which act almost like a magnifying glass. That is intense!


  • 22% – Red 630nm
  • 34% – Deep Red 660nm
  • 22% – Near-Infrared 830nm*
  • 22% – Near-Infrared 850nm*

*near-infrared bulbs are invisible to the eye and do not emit visible light, they look like they don’t do anything!*

The Beacon is enclosed in a sturdy, thin, yet smooth metal enclosure with a built-in stand. Another great feature unique to GembaRed is the use of technology that does not require fans, which creates a silent, yet comfortable experience with zero distractions. The Beacon also comes with an AC/DC adapter, which keeps EMF far away from the user. 

These features are why we choose to purchase only GembaRed panels. 

  1. They are the lowest EMF panels on the market.
  2. They are safe to use directly on the skin (not just 6+ inches away)
  3. They have the lowest flicker rate on the market.
  4. They are silent.
  5. The Beacon has a built-in stand with a sturdy, thin profile.
  6. Most importantly, the Beacon’s extremely effective and powerful, treatment times are cut in half!

Intensity Output:

Distance from PanelPower Density
0 Inch115* mW/cm²
6 Inch24  mW/cm²
12 Inch24  mW/cm²
24 Inch19 mW/cm²
36 Inch13 mW/cm²
*Average intensity based on the total watts output and size of the optics.


  • Consumed Wattage: 37W
  • Input Voltage (from Adapter): 24V DC
  • LEDs: 54 LEDs
  • Lens Angle: 30 degrees
  • Total Optical Watts Output: 12.2 W
  • Treatment Area: 13.4 Inch x 8 Inch
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Panel Dimensions: 13.4 inch X 8 inch X 1 inch
  • Lifetime: typical 50,000 hours
  • Power Adapter: AC 85-264V (works internationally)
  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • Conformance: FCC, RoHS
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • What’s included?

EMF Measurements (front of the panel):

0 inches:

  • 2 V/m Electric Field (less than ambient due to grounding)               
  • 0.66 milliGauss Magnetic Field (near-ambient)

There is practically no EMF even at the surface of the panel! See these unbelievable pictures of the measurements!

Example Usage:

Personally, we prefer to use this device at its maximum intended usage, which is preferably 0 inches away from the skin for 5-7 minutes per session. If you are 6-12 inches away, use it for 15 minutes, if you are 12-24 inches away from the face, use it for 10 minutes per session. 

The distances below are simply an example recommended by GembaRed, however, we personally use it 0 inches for roughly 15-20 minutes on each spot. It is highly recommended, though, to alternate the placement each time you use it, for a cumulative full-body effect.

  • 0 inches from the skin for 5-7 minutes per session.
  • 6-12 inches away from the skin for 15 minutes per session.
  • 12-24 inches away from the face for 10 minutes per session.
  • Use up to 2 times per day on the desired area. Each time used, alternate the side of the body for the cumulative full-body effect.

Benefits & Evidence

A recent statistic showcased that roughly 93% of America’s time is spent indoors. Not only is the air quality extremely toxic indoors compared to outside (depends), but also our light quality is often taken for granted. We are exposed to junk light at the wrong times of the day and never enough good quality full-spectrum light at the right times of the day. 

The modern world is plagued with hormone-altering, cell-damaging blue light either too early in the morning or too late in the evening. We often find ourselves not utilizing blue-blocking glasses to mitigate this extreme stressor, nor changing out our bulbs and making it a priority to sleep early without any exposure to junk/blue light at night. 

The best part about this journey is how incredible our body responds to minimal dosages of quality light therapy. This means we can reverse a lot of damage fairly quickly in comparison to the amount of cellular destruction we’ve experienced. Through live EEG scans we can see the brain literally produce less high beta waves, which are associated with stress and wakefulness, and then bring up low fetal (theta) waves that are associated with relaxation and sleep. (Neural Peak Pro)

In real-time, we can actually see the body change from a sympathetic dominant state to a parasympathetic dominant state. At Mitigate Stress, this is primarily our entire focus.

 We will most likely have a few articles in the near future concerning red light therapy and its efficacy. Let’s discuss a few studies, and check out the links below if you are interested in learning more about the legitimacy and clinical evidence that red light therapy showcases.



This particular study was focused on the efficacy of Red and Near-Infrared Light Treatment in patient satisfaction, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, skin roughness, and intradermal collagen density increase.

Figure 2 shows two series of collagen ultrasonography scans, demonstrating the collagen density increase from t0 to t30 for one subject each in the RLT group and the ELT group.
Clinical photography revealed visible changes in wrinkles and skin roughness. Figure 3 shows an example for one subject in each treatment group, comparing the baseline (t0) status with t30.

Caring for your Beacon Red Light Therapy Device

Now even though this is a sturdy red-light therapy device, we still highly recommend taking care of your Beacon device. 

The number one recommendation for caring for your device is to be careful when using the cord. Avoid trying to smash or bend the cord too often when not using the built-in stand. Also, try not to crush the cord especially where it connects to the port of the device. Treat it gently, as with any electronic device. Avoid humid environments, and you may want to invest in a dehumidifier if you live in a damp environment. Be sure to unplug the device and store it away safely when it’s not being used. Other than that, this device should last you for many years to come.


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