The Importance of Raw Fats

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Have you been told fat is bad? Or that eating fat will just make you fat? We want to share why this is actually the opposite effect and why fat is the most important macronutrient in our toxic industrial world.

Why Raw Fat? 

Because raw fat cleanses, fuels, lubricates, and protects the body, it is needed more than any other single macronutrient (protein, sugar & starch). Fat is a necessary catalyst for utilizing minerals and protein. That is why a diet abundant in raw fat is so important to excellent health. 
Many people eat diets low in fat and often, down the road, develop immune deficiencies sometime in their lives. To some extent, the body can turn sugars, starches, and proteins into fats, but not nearly enough, and it is a long and exhausting process for the body. Ray Peat mentions this several times throughout his research yet fails to articulate the negative consequences of relying on this exhaustive sugar —> fat process. Why force your body to make it through an inefficient process when you can simply eat a high-quality source of fat? 
RAW Fats help both protein and sugar digest more optimally, preventing blood sugar spikes and fluctuations. When fats are eaten raw, they can and will clean, fuel, lubricate and protect the body properly. And raw fat ensures cellular reproduction when fresh meats are eaten. If fats are heated above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, they are rarely digested, assimilated, or utilized properly. Good quality raw fats and protein should be prioritized first in anyone’s diet.

Raw Saturated Fats That We Recommend:

  • Raw, Unsalted, Grass-Fed Butter (Lubrication Formula Daily or with every meal)
  • Raw, Unsalted, Grass-Fed Cream (Great with Organic Fruit Like Papaya or Pineapple, or Vegetable Juice or Shake)
  • Raw Pasture Raised Eggs (In a Raw Milk Shake, Lubrication Formula, Or Just 1 at a time, start slow)
  • Raw, Unsalted, Grass-Fed Cheese (With Raw Fruit and/or some Raw Butter)
  • Raw Grass-Fed/Finished Animal/Beef Fat
  • Grass-Fed/Finished Tallow (Not Raw More For Cooking With)
  • Grass-Fed/Finished Ghee (Not Raw More For Cooking With)
  • Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 
  • Organic Raw Cacao Butter 

Below are sources of High-Quality Mono-Unsaturated Fats.

  • Organic Raw Stone-Pressed Olive Oil (With Organic Peeled Carrot/Cucumber Salad)
  • Organic Raw Avocados (Moderate Histamine, Avoid Avocado Oil)
  • Organic Raw Unsalted Olives (Hard to Find)

Keep all these fats raw, (if applicable) grass-fed/finished, and/or organic, and unsalted. If you have to cook with fat, we recommend using grass-fed Tallow, Butter, and/or Coconut Oil.
Check out this Graph Below comparing Raw Milk to Pasteurized Milk and other fake kinds of milk. We will also discuss in our next category why adding more raw in your life equates to optimal hydration.

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