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Mitigate Stress in all aspects of your life.

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We are an Orthodox Christian-owned small business specializing in all things hydration. We teach others how stress from physical, chemical, emotional & spiritual sources creates more dehydration, leading to unneeded suffering.

We address the root causes through trigger point therapy, corrective exercise (postural & gait base), hydrating foods, proper supplementation, consistent movement & recovery habits while removing environmental stress.


Master Mineral Drink 32 oz.

Magnesium Bicarbonate Master Mineral Drink in 32 oz Swing Top Bottles.

The Most Bio-Available Form of Magnesium from Mitigate Stress. Magnesium Bicarbonate is the best form of magnesium and is only found in liquid form. Due to industrialization and other factors, magnesium bicarbonate is virtually non-existent in our modern water supply. Our Magnesium is the market’s most concentrated dose per ounce, combined with bicarbonate salts, potassium, and sodium.

Limited edition magnesium

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omica 550 high capacity RO water filter

Water quality is of the utmost importance when making our Magnesium Bicarbonate. We strive to make sure every bottle of our magnesium is pure and safe. That’s why we use the 12-stage, 550-gallon reverse osmosis water filter by Omica. Learn more about water quality here.

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I have two kids and drive many hours a day. It has only been a week since implementing magnesium, but my wife has asked me where my recent bounds of energy have come from and I didn't even realize I was getting more stuff done around the house.

– Mike

I went through a major job change recently and definitely noticed a difference in my perception of this event. I did not feel the stressful effects normally as I would when I was not consistently drinking magnesium bicarbonate.

– Pat D.

I have tried numerous supplements and medications in my 60 years of life. Magnesium bicarbonate is one that has stayed consistent throughout my health journey and have seen consistent results of relaxation, reduced inflammation, & better sleep!

– Tom C.

My wife has been going to therapy for emotions resurfacing from childhood trauma and having a hard time handling the emotions. I have been using your mg bicarbonate in high doses and she is seeing huge improvements. Better emotion management, more calm, less stress, & better sleep.

– Colin R.

Love your magnesium product! I've tried other well known magnesium bicarbonate products and felt little to no difference. I instantly feel less stressed and anxious with the master mineral drink. Drank and ounce before bed last night and slept like a baby. Also, kudos for making it taste so good.

– Reena A.

I have been drinking your magnesium for a couple months now and that plus all your suggested changes (trigger point, food habits, etc.) has made a huge difference for me. I have been trying other magnesium forms for years and my body has nevr been able to absorb enough to relieve my symptoms than yours. Your drink is amazing stuff!

– Kourtney


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