All About Raw Fats: A Comprehensive Guide

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Disclaimer: Raw milk and its products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, due to the risk of serious infectious diseases. However, many advocates can vouch for their health benefits. If you are at risk for infection due to your age, pregnancy, or other conditions, you may want to consult your doctor before eating raw milk cheese.

Fat is one of the most controversial macronutrients on Earth. After struggling through many diets and experimental food combinations, we now fully believe that fat is the most important macronutrient, especially in modern times with our over-exposure to pollution and chemicals. Of course, this is with enough protein and a certain amount of carbs, depending on your lifestyle. 

We believe today’s accelerated evolution of diseases is a direct result of toxicity, heavy metals, man-made chemicals, etc., not germs. More than ever, awareness is needed to avoid processed food full of 60,000 different industrial chemical additives. Not just our foods, we accumulate toxins everywhere, especially in our environment; it’s a toxic world. 

This is why having an air & water filter is crucial and keeping a window always cracked open. It’s also essential to mitigate toxic artificial blue light, especially after sunset (check out our blogs on air, water, and light). 

Here’s a chemical quote from, “Each and every second 310kg of toxic chemicals are released into our air, land, and water by industrial facilities around the world. This amounts to approximately 10 million tons (over 21 billion pounds) of toxic chemicals released into our environment by industries each year.” 

Research has stated that sometime in 2020, over 5,000 tons of VOCs were released from consumer products in California. We can eliminate or at least drastically reduce toxins in our homes and offices to create environments conducive to better health. Whether you ate from countless amounts of tin and aluminum cans, took many shots, or ate a lifetime amount of fortified foods, more than ever before, we need raw fats to counteract our modern world’s extreme exposure to heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, and other toxic pollution. 

Avoid restrictive diets; they are everywhere, and often extreme diets take it too far, cutting out and demonizing an entire macronutrient (most of these diets we have tried). Modify your macronutrients, don’t eliminate them entirely. We need all macros. It depends on your lifestyle and the proper ratios needed to complement it; some therapeutic diets and/or fasts can be beneficial short term but not long term.

Heat Sensitive Nutrients & Sourcing

Check out this Raw Milk Comparison to Pasteurized Milk from Amos Miller’s Organic Farm: (A Little about Our Raw Milk – Amos Miller Organic Farm)

From our research, experience, and discussions with various health professionals, we have found that fats always prefer to be raw. No matter how “high heat” stable fats are, keeping them under 104 (definitely no more than 110) degrees Fahrenheit is best. Some even say raw milk contains a plethora of extra powerful nutrients such as HGH if it is kept warm from the ‘teet’ and slowly drank (sipped, not gulped) within an hour or so of milking. 

Fat is a macronutrient that is highly nutritious and dense. Finding a reliable source of raw, saturated fats, such as locally sourced grass-fed/finished farms, is essential. Fat plays a crucial role in binding poisons, toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals, which is often overlooked.

Toxic Animals = Toxic Fats, Clean Raised Animals = Healthy Fats.

We recommend avoiding all conventionally raised organs, glandular, and bone marrow unless they are sourced from organically grown animals (Grass-fed/finished) raised without injections and preferably without medications. As Ajonus says in his book, We Want To Live!, “Heavy metals and chemicals tend to store in the glands, some organs, and other fatty parts of the body, this is why we should source our fats carefully, muscle meat is a little less prone to storing toxic products. Most toxins from antibiotics and other injections are stored in the glands, some in the organs and bone marrow due to the concentration of fats found in the glands, bone marrow, and some organs.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Fresh muscle meat, steaks, and ground meat are okay even if you do happen to buy them at regular markets, as long as they do not add coloring, nitrates, or other chemicals directly to the meat. If toxins are in the meat, cooking will only release more toxins from the fat, and some or all will accumulate in your body, eventually causing issues. Organically grown is always more nutritious and preferable, but regular meat is healthier than none if organic is not available. 

What Do We Recommend?

Getting plenty of raw saturated fats in your diet is essential. We recommend the following sources: 

  1. Raw, Unsalted, Grass-Fed Butter
  2. Raw, Unsalted, Grass-Fed Cream
  3. Raw Pasture Raised Eggs
  4. Raw, Unsalted, Grass-Fed Cheese 
  5. Raw Grass-Fed/Finished Animal/Beef Fat
  6. Grass-Fed/Finished Tallow (Not Raw More For Cooking With)
  7. Grass-Fed/Finished Ghee (Not Raw More For Cooking With)
  8. Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 
  9. Organic Raw Cacao Butter

Here are some sources of high-quality monounsaturated fats:

  1. Organic Raw Stone-Pressed Olive Oil 
  2. Organic Raw Avocados (Moderate Histamine, Avoid Avocado Oil)
  3. Organic Raw Unsalted Olives (Hard to Find)

*Keep all these fats raw, (if applicable) grass-fed/finished, and/or organic, and unsalted. If you have to cook with fat, we recommend using grass-fed Tallow, Butter, and/or Coconut Oil.*

Unmasking Saturated Fat: Debunking the Disinformation

Let’s discuss how and why saturated fats have gained so much hate (disinformation) over the years. Why are butter, dairy, and other farm foods constantly under attack so much by the media, “plant-based” individuals, and various (opposing) special interest groups? Well, in the 1940s, research indicated that increasing your fat intake caused cancer. The disinformation campaign against saturated fats was accelerated, and polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs like Margarine, etc.) were put on a pedestal as the healthy alternative to butter. 

Their solution was to brainwash millions of Americans and convince them to switch to polyunsaturated fat sources such as margarine and fake butter, which most Americans complied with and did as they were told with zero evidence-based research. The fake research stated that PUFAs were “heart protective,” and saturated fats raised cholesterol and somehow caused heart disease. Yet, the acceleration of these diseases (cancer and heart disease) was only part of our modern times. 

Did most people not realize that around the same time that these diseases started magically forming at alarming rates was the same time most restaurants, fast food joints, and private homes began switching to the so-called “heart healthy” unstable fats known as PUFAs (margarine, etc.)? This is because the research was incomplete, deceiving the public with false information. The main issue with the “research” is that they were not using natural saturated fats. Instead, they used hydrogenated or hardened fats, similar to that found in margarine, not butter. 

The U.S. market dominates the economy of the entire world. It influences the world’s communication and news outlets. So why would we expect to hear any of the countless positive benefits of raw saturated fats when it is so easy for big business groups to produce mass quantities of toxic seed oils? Philanthropists like Bill Gates and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau are supporting, funding, and leading the way by buying up millions of acres in America, Canada, and other various parts of the world to fund their massive seed oil (rapeseed/canola, safflower, etc.) farming operations. 

These mass mono-crops destroy the soil and quickly degrade the health of anyone who eats these abominations. During these massive farming operations, 100’s of thousands of animals are killed in the process, which is completely against every environmental claim that these false leaders say they are behind. All the while, they fly in their private jets from meeting to meeting discussing environmental taxes for the peasants like us. 

These same people are also funding and behind the ever-so cancer-causing “Beyond meat” burgers and other plant-based poisons disguised as “meat alternatives.” These seed oils are not designed for human consumption and should be avoided at all costs. Those products are made with the very same seed oils (PUFAs) that, time and time again, have been proven to cause cancer, obesity, accelerated aging, diabetes, thrombosis, arthritis, and immunodeficiency. 

Dr. Weston A. Price studied native diets in the 1930s, and he found that butter was a staple in the diets of many very healthy tribes. Tribes all over the world prioritized raw fats. Swiss Villagers, Arab groups, and American Folk all put a high value on the importance of butter as a staple in nutrition. They emphasized the need for the coloring of butter to contain a deep, yellow-orange hue sourced from high-quality livestock eating large quantities of green grass under the sun with fresh air throughout the spring, summer, and fall months. These groups understood that children raised on butter were stronger, sturdier, and had a more complete facial structure and stronger set of teeth, versus children that were deprived of fat were more thin, pale, weak, lanky, and had poorly developed facial features.

What makes fat stable? For starters, PUFAs oxidize at body (human) temperature, they are highly sensitive to heat, light, and oxygen (our blood), and some PUFAs, like canola oil, for example, are literally 1 part away from being plastic. This is why in nature, we generally find animals with large amounts of PUFAs to be cold-water fish. We believe it is far safer to eat these fish raw rather than cooking (especially overcooking), as the Eskimo and other various cold weather tribes believe. 

Saturated fats, on the other hand, are much more stable at higher heats but are still more optimal when raw and unsalted (under 104 Degrees F.). Look at both coconuts and the red palm fruit; both are high in these stabilized, saturated fats and endure the extensively hot tropical climates with ease. 

Before modern man began messing with the native populations, such as the Masai, Fulani, Native Americans, Eskimos, and Samburu, natives consumed fat as 40-60% of their caloric intake. They thrived and seemed less aged than they do now in modern times. The Eskimo experienced some of the coldest temperatures on Earth, whereas the African tribes experienced some of the hottest temperatures. None of them suffered from heart issues or disease as long as they maintained their natural, local diet, which originally consisted of raw meat and raw fat, sometimes even raw milk, but more often than not, absent of sugar and cooked starches. 

V. Stefannson and other early explorers mention the Eskimos were prematurely aging; Ray Peat states this was due to their consumption of too many toxic lipid peroxides. They were arguably in the most extreme liveable climate. We believe the “aging” was also due to the involvement of the colonists and explorers introducing their diet full of grains, bread, and other incomplete foods high in phytic acid (and other digestive irritants/mineral blockers), which only disrupted their local, natural diet and lifestyle. 

Since 1927, many scientists have demonstrated that polyunsaturated fats are essential for the accelerated development of tumors, cancer, and other degenerative diseases. One Study (Griffin et al.) showed that the growth and metastasis of a variety of tumors are inhibited or even reduced by naturally sourced saturated fatty acids. Still, in several metastases, PUFAs stimulated tumor growth. The tumors grew as much as 10 times, 1000 times in size.

Saturated Fat is the Antidote to PUFAs

Ray Peat believes that “Several of the degenerative conditions produced by the ‘essential fatty acids’ can be reversed by use of saturated fats, varying in length from the short chains of coconut oil to the very long chains of waxes.” He states that controlled experimentation shows that lipid peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids damages protein (AGEs) about 23 times faster than simple sugars (“Unsaturated Fatty Acids: Nutritionally Essential, or Toxic?”).

The truth is that many of the saturated fats in butter contain powerful anti-cancer components. Butter is high in short and medium-chain fatty acids that have strong anti-tumor effects. Butter is also made of conjugated linoleic acid, which gives excellent protection against cancer as well. It also contains copious amounts of Vitamin A and a decent amount of antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, selenium, and cholesterol, all of which protect against cancer and heart disease. 

Eating more raw, unsalted saturated fats alone is an antidote to PUFAs because, over time, saturated fat will displace PUFAs simply from general consumption. Always eat raw fats with plenty of high-quality protein, which helps the fat digest and be utilized extensively. 

Ray Peat mentions several times the powerful effects of Vitamin E, even touts it as an antidote to PUFAs. We believe he recommends a Wheat Germ-Based Vitamin E, and if I’m not mistaken, Georgi Dinkov makes a great Vitamin E Product (See here). We recommend finding one that at least has 4 of the tocopherols, but also possibly one that has both 4 of the tocopherols and 4 of the tocotrienols present (8 Total). 

Cold Processed Red Palm Oil has a decent amount of Vitamin E; most animal foods also have a good amount. You can always try supplementing with it (but talk with your healthcare practitioner first). We are still experimenting with supplementation as we have abused supplements in the past by wasting excessive amounts of money on some very questionable supplements. So we take breaks with all supplements from time to time. We recommend that you focus more on minerals (low heavy metal sources) when it comes to supplementation.

The funny thing is we actually have plenty of studies showing RAW grass-fed butter’s healing effects on arthritis and osteoporosis, as well as helping with cataracts, calcification of the pineal gland, and even protecting against the hardening of the arteries. Check out Dutch researcher Wulzen; discoverer of “The Wulzen Factor”. Kids and animals that are fed pasteurized milk or skim milk eventually develop joint stiffness and lack the essential nutrients and fats needed to thrive and fully develop. (Barrington)

Many assume raw butter leads to weight gain, which is another false misconception. Research has shown that the fat molecule can swell anywhere from 30x to 50x its original size when we cook our fat. If that research is correct, eating plenty of raw fat should store entirely differently and never lead to excess amounts of big, jiggly, bloated-looking stored fat hanging off the body.

Cooked fat seems to be correlated with many issues, including cellulite, excess swelling, and inflammation. Luckily with butter, the short and medium-chain fatty acids are not stored in the adipose tissue but are used for quick energy. Fat tissue mainly comprises longer-chain fatty acids derived from polyunsaturated oils and excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates. Butter is loaded with copious amounts of bioavailable nutrients that are readily absorbed and utilized, unlike many foods that require a ton of energy and resources to be able to use their locked nutrients, leading to poor conversion and, ultimately, widespread deficiencies.

Aajonus recommends to those that are struggling with gallbladder and liver issues (trouble digesting fat) to make a concoction consisting of ¾ c. of slightly unripe organic pineapple blended with liquified raw, grass-fed, unsalted butter (as much as you desire), raw lemon juice, and/or raw organic lime juice, 1-2 raw eggs and a dash of unheated honey. Over time, the pineapple with the fat will help the liver and gallbladder with fat digestion and assimilation.

So does butter cause disease? No, quite the opposite; this was a deliberate attack on smaller family farms, and ever since, it has been their consistent mission to destroy not only family values but the existence of the small family farms that once thrived—a mission from the lying apologists for the corporate farms that are currently dominating and destroying American soil. The agricultural industry is a powerful force. This industry is in bed with the medical establishment, specifically the pharmaceutical industry, and ultimately the chemical industry. (“Why Butter Is Better”)

Why Raw Fats?

Because raw fat cleanses, fuels, lubricates, and protects the body, it is needed more than any other single macronutrient (protein, sugar & starch). (Erasmus) Fat is a necessary catalyst for utilizing minerals and protein. Strength even comes from fat. Aajonus cites the strength comparison of bodybuilders to weightlifters, wrestlers, etc. Of course, there are exceptions for most things, but this is why a diet abundant in raw fat is so essential to excellent health. (Finnegan)

Many people eat diets low in fat and often, down the road, develop immune deficiencies sometime in their lives. To some extent, the body can turn sugars, starches, and proteins into fats, but not nearly enough, and it is a long and exhausting process for the body. Ray Peat mentions this several times throughout his research, yet doesn’t fully articulate the negative consequences of relying on this exhaustive sugar —> fat process. Ray does recommend butter and other fantastic fat sources, such as coconut oil, albeit refined. Why force your body to make fat through an inefficient process when you can simply eat a high-quality source of fat? 

Fats help protein and sugar digest more optimally, preventing blood sugar spikes and fluctuations. When fats are eaten raw, they can and will clean, fuel, lubricate and protect the body properly. Raw fat ensures cellular reproduction when fresh meats are eaten. If fats are heated above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, they are rarely digested, assimilated, or utilized properly. Good quality raw fats and protein should be prioritized first in anyone’s diet. Stay tuned for some recipes and ways to get more raw saturated fat in your life easily.

Aajonus discusses throughout his book, We Want to Live!, that he experimented with fine-tuning his selection of foods. He continually found that raw fats, especially unsalted raw butter, were the primary substances that dissolve and bind with toxicity, protect our cells, reverse the greatest number and most severe cases of diseases, and deliver the greatest amount of strength and energy. He also mentions that in an ideal healthy world, we would not need such an abundance of fat. In our modern, civilized, polluted, disease-ridden world, we need an abundance of fat in our diet. (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Check out this excerpt from his book, We Want To Live

“I believe that raw fat is the most utilized nutrient in our bodies, especially in our toxic industrial world. It helps stabilize and relax the body markedly when in combination with fresh meat. Fats help white blood-cell production, assist microbial activity and provide for lubricants to accomplish a variety of functions. Lubricants facilitate movement without frictional deterioration, protect cells from heat, cold and caustic substances, provide hormones to regulate activity, and when acting in conjunction with 15% protein and 5% alcohol formed internally from carbohydrates, fats dissolve all sorts of toxic substances. Fats provide the greatest, strongest, and most efficient energy possible. For most foods like butter and meat, once you cook it (especially over cooking), you fractionate the ions and the water is separated from everything. So are your nutrients separated and cauterized, hardly even absorbable or digestible.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

We also want to emphasize the importance of walking after each meal, especially if you are starting to slowly add more fat in daily. It’s best to walk after each meal; you will lessen the chance of indigestion and allow your body to uptake more nutrients, balance blood sugar, hormones, etc. Eating and then walking should be synonymous.

What About Cholesterol? 

In addition to fueling and cleaning the body, cholesterol is also needed to produce adrenal and sex hormones. It is a fatty-based substance that helps the body clean, lubricate, and protect. The cholesterol that the liver creates from raw fat, or the cholesterol that our bodies consume in raw foods like meat, dairy, and coconut, is all beneficial. It is necessary and desirable that our bodies produce and consume a large amount of cholesterol. This problem is caused by the cholesterol our liver produces from cooked fat and cooked cholesterol we consume. When we are eating raw foods with lots of raw fat, a high cholesterol level is not necessarily harmful and can sometimes even be a good thing since it indicates that we are digesting, cleaning, lubricating, fueling, and protecting. Of course, if you have high cholesterol, speaking to your healthcare practitioner is important to be sure.

“In all cholesterol problems, whether high or low, there is a deficiency in utilizable blood fat, lacteal fat, and lymphatic fat. Usually, those conditions are due to eating cooked oils, especially safflower, margarine, vegetable oils and any hydrogenated oil. Those oils readily harden and crystallize, turning into rock-like substances such as amber stone that was once tree oil. Eating plenty of raw fats, like unsalted raw butter, raw eggs, raw cream, no-salt-added raw cheeses, fresh raw coconut, avocados, and stone-pressed or small amounts of below 96 degree pressed oils provide health-giving fats, making a high cholesterol level beneficial. Many years of eating those fats, fresh and/or uncooked meats, and fresh unripe pineapple gradually remove stored cooked cholesterol (toxins) from body tissues. Note that while a person detoxifies the stored toxic cholesterol, the blood cholesterol soars because some toxic cholesterol enters the blood to be carried to the bowels and dumped there or through the skin. There is no cause for alarm; it is cause for celebration. That process rids the body of cellulite and other toxic fatty storages.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

For some, simply adding raw fats to their diet is the quick solution because, with proper fat, proteins can be assimilated for many uses. Eating meat (rare or blued) with raw fat and reducing fruit intake to once daily (in the afternoon only) fuels and nourishes the liver and pancreas, slowly regenerating and rebuilding these precious organs and, over many years, can repair them to where they stop automatically over-dumping sugar into the blood and over-producing insulin. 

Easiest Raw Fats To Digest, Assimilate, and Utilize 

Unsalted raw butter, raw eggs, raw cream, the fat in and on raw meats (all flesh food), no-salt-added raw cheeses, fresh coconut, avocados (can be moderate-high histamine), and stone-pressed organic olive oil are some of the most accessible raw fats to digest and for your body to properly use. The body often utilizes the fat in raw eggs and avocados to bind with toxins, carrying the toxins to the bowels and from the system. 

In the case of cellulite and other cooked fat that has been bound to toxins and stored in the body, raw fruits and raw fruit purée (including raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar), raw vegetables, and raw vegetable juices gradually break down and release those old storages of cooked/hardened fat. Eating raw eggs or avocados provides fat to bind with the release. Cooked fat and toxins are then escorted from the body. Without the raw fat to escort toxins to the bowels, toxins often stay stored in the body.

Raw Grass-Fed Butter

Raw, grass-fed, unsalted butter can be left at room temperature and enjoyed soft for as long as two weeks. Even if room temperature reaches 90 degrees F., raw butter remains flavorful for two days or more un-refrigerated. Avoid exposing butter to direct sunlight; if it is exposed to direct sunlight for an hour or more, it will cause it to sour. We prefer to refrigerate our butter until the day of consumption. 

We enjoy making daily lubrication formulas, which have greatly enhanced our health more than any other protocol or food. The lubrication formula consists of ¼ or 1 half tub of raw unsalted grass-fed butter, liquified (unheated), and blended with 1-2 raw eggs, 1-2 organic lemons, and 1-2 optional limes. If desired, add some organic unripe pineapple (¾ c.) and a dash of raw, unheated honey. Sip slowly, and enjoy. It is delicious.

“The fat in unsalted raw butter can strengthen organs and glands, can help heal our eyes, can cleanse the arteries and the vascular system. This specific fat also can help dissolve plaque made from hardened and/or crystallized cooked fats (mainly vegetable fats), as well as chelate and escort byproducts and waste from the body all while providing lubrication to the bones, cartilage and teeth. This fat can be utilized for all body-fat needs: cleansing, dissolving, lubricating, fueling, protecting, rejuvenating and helping to reproduce cells.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Heavy Cream 

The fat in raw cream and full-fat raw milk can help by soothing and lubricating the nerves and muscles, including the heart. This specific fat can provide gentle healing effects and lubrication for the liver. This fat can also restore moisture to the glands, such as the thyroid, and help heal intestinal lesions from dryness. 

Oftentimes drinking too much raw dairy cream can cause bloating and slow digestion. Of all these saturated (easy-to-digest) fats, dairy cream is the fat most complicated for the liver to digest. Raw eggs and raw butter can be easier for the liver to digest. 

Meat Fat & Raw Coconut Cream

Fat found in meat that is uncooked or lightly cooked has been shown to be very valuable for healing, soothing, and lubricating tissue faster than most other fats. Aajonus states in his writings that meat fat and coconut cream have all the healing properties of all other fats and oils. 

Raw coconut cream eaten with cucumber may gradually dissolve the hardening of the nerves (think early Alzheimer’s), and eaten with banana, it may gradually dissolve glandular, organ, and dermal hardening (e.g., sclerosis and cirrhosis of the liver).

Avocado Fat 

Avocados are somewhat controversial; they are shipped from hundreds/thousands of miles away and often are sprayed with nasty chemicals (even if organic). Avocados are a naturally moderate to high histamine food. They are usually grown using controversial methods on farms that kill at least 50,000+ animals per “farm” to grow and sell sufficient amounts of avocados.

Regardless, they contain high-quality monounsaturated fats, various micronutrients, and vitamins and are considered to be an exceptional fat source by many. Avocados strengthen and support optimal liver function.

Eating whatever raw fats that are appealing to you is ideal. Avocado and no-salt-added raw cheeses are two exceptional raw fats that are especially helpful. A diet primarily consisting of raw foods and at least 40% of those calories from raw fat (at the very least, also including raw cheese) is highly nourishing and beneficial for the human body.

Stone Pressed Olive Oil

Organic, unheated stone-pressed olive oils (or granite pressed) yield much higher levels of antioxidants and overall nutritional value. They tend to have a spicier, bolder, and fuller-bodied flavor profile compared to their expeller-pressed counterparts. Throughout the book, We Want To Live!, Aajonus states that each fat has different properties and values that they bring to the table. 

Stone-pressed olive oil is exceptionally adept at dissolving dead cells; it acts as a solvent. Other fats, such as those in raw eggs, act more like sacrificial garbage collectors, which bind with dead cells or the dissolved waste, ultimately leading themselves and the toxins to be escorted out of the digestive tract. Just remember, olive oil is powerful, like most fats, but not as calming, satiating & nourishing per se, so be sure never to have your fat only/exclusively from olive oil.

Raw Cheese 

(Check Out Our Raw Cheese Blog Here)

Cheeses that are raw, unsalted, and grass-fed are produced using unpasteurized milk without adding salt to it. Raw cheese is similar to clay in that it acts by binding/absorbing toxins and preventing the recirculation of those toxins. It contains high levels of minerals that can bind with harmful substances, such as radicals and toxins, that the body often eliminates through the stomach and intestines. 

Also, cheese can help draw poisons from our blood, nervous and lymphatic systems as it passes through the stomach and intestines. This is similar to Ray Peat’s carrot salad and its effects on pulling estrogen via the intestinal tract. Unsalted raw cheeses act like a sponge (or clay) to absorb those toxins, relieving nausea. 

The body uses the fat, proteins, and minerals in no-salt-added raw cheeses to absorb toxins, including free radicals and heavy metals like aluminum and mercury, in the stomach and intestines. Eating raw fat with cheese, such as unsalted raw butter or coconut cream, can help prevent constipation because cheeses lack many bioactive enzymes that can cause dehydration. We recommend checking out and Amos Miller’s Organic Farm. Both are great sources of raw, unsalted, grass-fed cheese. Aajonus Vonderplanitz, Ph.D., helped start Amos Miller”s Organics (PA) and helped raw milk in California to be legalized several decades ago.

We know that when we eat raw fats and raw cheese with fruit, our blood sugar levels do not spike much. It doesn’t get too high because the fat time-releases the fruit sugar into the bloodstream for better equilibrium, and therefore, we avoid the sugar elevations and valleys. 

When we eat raw cheese with fruit, we don’t have to eat constantly to keep sugar in our blood, and we notice a lot more energy than eating fruit by itself or with just protein/fruit. The benefits of eating raw fat and fruit together would apply to most people most of the time. 

Of course, we think the best way to help fix blood sugar, hormonal, recovery, and digestive issues is to walk after every single meal, at least 2-3x daily or more if needed, or just stand and perform rotations/twisting exercises. Try going for three 1-2 mile walks daily after each meal; you will be amazed at the profound benefits, especially when combined with high-quality meals, foods (as we are discussing), and optimal sunlight exposure. We will share more guides focused on optimizing digestion here soon; stay tuned.

Raw unsalted cheese is one of the best absorbers of toxins. Eating half a teaspoon of raw unsalted cheese every 15-30 minutes during the day or as often as possible will absorb massive amounts of toxins. Consequently, many toxins are redirected into the intestines to be absorbed by the cheese. This process is known as the “Cheese Train” since the stomach dumps toxins several times per day into the digestive system. You can read more about this in our blog on Raw Cheese.

Cooked Starch (With Lots of Butter/Raw Saturated Fat)

In Aajonus’s book, We Want to Live, he mentions starch as an effective means of absorbing cortisol, excess adrenaline, and other stress hormones. He does this in many ways; however, his favorite is making the “Nut Formula Recipe,” which consists of organic Brazil nuts, walnuts, or even some other choices, but we recommend those two—combined with 1-2 raw eggs, liquified, raw unsalted butter, and a dash of raw, unheated honey. Be sure to pre-blend the nuts and not overheat anything. (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

He states that sprouting and soaking nuts can often release even more toxic byproducts (plant defense chemicals) rather than leaving them be. Perhaps a light/quick soak in filtered water is okay. Aajonus states that raw butter helps to counteract and mitigate any negative ingredients the nut may contain, such as phytic acid.

Eating one cooked starch such as a steamed or baked organic potato (peeled) with lots of raw, saturated fat is a fairly effective way to keep the blood sugar level balanced. Throw in an organic avocado, scoops of unsalted raw butter, no salt added, shredded raw cheese, raw cream or sour cream, raw eggs, stone-pressed olive oil, or fresh coconut with a little fresh fruit. For people with a highly sensitive pancreas, that combination in small amounts may have to be consumed throughout the day, such as two to four times daily. However, the cooked starch still, over time, results in accumulations of sugar byproducts like ages.

How the last recommendation works is that the cooked starch easily binds with excess insulin. Then the raw fat binds with the starch-insulin mass and escorts it to the bowels. If fresh fruit is added, that helps stabilize the blood sugar level to normal. This has a huge, profound effect on reversing depression and mitigating excessive amounts of stress. 

Raw Eggs

Free-range raw eggs are one of the best compact foods in nature. Eggs are the ultimate complete fast food. However, the proteins in eggs are not utilized for cellular reproduction. They are used for regeneration and maintenance and should not be substituted for meat except occasionally. In We Want To Live!, Aajonus states, “The relationship between raw eggs and salmonella-poisoning is a myth.” Check out this interesting raw egg story from this book. I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing that book now but hang with us.

“Eggs are remarkable for everyone, especially those who are infirm. Three years ago, a medical doctor called me on a Thursday evening about her 70-year-old female patient with emphysema. She explained that her patient had been mainly bedridden for 2 years, was on 100% oxygen (Red Flag — Need at least 5% co2) and respiratory machines. She prognoses that her patient would die that weekend unless I could help. I told her that the only thing that I thought might help at that late stage was eggs. I recommended that she get her patient, 10 dozen raw eggs and put them on her bed-table. I suggested that she ask her patient to eat one as often as she could and that there was no limit. Very early Monday morning, I received a call from the patient. She told me that she was off the machines, out of bed and feeling stronger than she had in years. She had eaten 66 eggs over the weekend. If eggs are whipped, beaten or blenderized without raw milk, cream or coconut cream present, then many of the enzymes become oxidized and lost. Therefore, if we eat eggs alone, do not mix, beat, whip, or blenderize them.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Raw Food For Thought

The CDC states you have a 20,000:1 chance of contracting salmonella from eggs and that we should be sure to overcook all of our food and wash even sanitize the eggshells, especially if they have chicken fecal matter present on them, right? (“Handling Eggs Safely to Prevent Salmonella”) Most of these statistics are skewed because almost all of the cases are with cooked eggs/chicken. 

The question is, are the chickens/eggs you are consuming injected with various hormones and other toxic formulas? Are they being fed soy and non-organic feed, primarily creating an estrogenic and toxic environment? Quality matters a lot.

We’ve eaten 1000’s upon 1000’s of raw eggs for the last 5 years with zero issues. Technically aren’t even 1% human; we are bacteria, and bacteria is what makes us who we are. We have an estimated 3 trillion or so cells, right? We have almost 3 times that amount in bacteria.

Digestion is 90% bacteria-based and 10% digestive juices. Bacteria are essential to human life. There are bad bacteria, bacteria that have been chemically altered or overly cooked (cauterized) and therefore mutated, and bacteria that have not been properly ventilated, AKA anaerobic bacteria (bad) versus aerobic bacteria (good). The problem is most health professionals hyper-focus on germs, an incomplete theory originally favored by political and big business and special interest groups.

The Inception of Pasteurization was truly based on Louis Pasteur’s friend and his failing wine business due to spoiled grapes and poor soil management. A wine that would have never been purchased back then until pasteurization entered the scene. Instead of treating the soil, they treated the product and chemically altered the wine, thus leading to an extended shelf life and “shelf stable” end-product, which ultimately was financially favored by business and politics. Pasteurizing bad wine still makes it bad. (Ethel Douglas Hume)

Concerning Wine

Here’s an interesting tip from Aajonus related to fats from his book, We Want to Live:

“For some people, raw organic wine is beneficial. It helps break down and remove some hardened fat from the blood and body. However, any kind of alcohol still robs the liver of fat. This weakens the liver and causes it to become lethargic. Eating 2 raw eggs within 10 hours of consuming raw wine restores this fat to the deprived liver. Most often it is healthier to eat raw unripe pineapple, raw lemons, or raw oranges to dissolve hardened fat rather than to drink alcohol. Raw natural alcohol in slightly fermented raw fruit, which facilitates the making of internal natural body soaps to cleanse the body of internal toxins. All hard liquors – bourbon, whiskey, cognac, etc. — and store bought (99.9% Guesstimate) wine are all damaging to the glands, brain and nervous system.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Too much of both alcohol and salt can not only dehydrate the cells but can lead to over-sterilization of the gut. Rock salt applied topically (Ocean or Baths, Check out our Bath Blog) is far more beneficial as you mitigate the negative effects that salt can have on our digestive tract.

Why You Want Your Fats To Be Raw

Aajonus states the article, “Bacteria and Other Microbes Are Responsible for Vibrant Health,” at

“Bacteria are responsible for 99% of all of our bodies’ functions. Antibiotics destroy all types of bacteria, reducing digestive functions. They destroy bacteria responsible for ALL bodily functions. One 5-day antibiotic regime can destroy 1% of our bodies’ bacteria. We become weaker, and sicker. Who benefits from that? Each of us has to realize that microbes do not cause disease. We must realize that microbial presence in disease does not constitute proof that microbes caused disease.”

He also states:

“The greatest myth and trap of society besides the banking system is that microbes cause disease. Our bodies are 90-99% bacteria. There are 100 times more bacterial DNA in our bodies than human DNA. Therefore, we are actually 99% bacterial and 1% human. Every microbiologist is taught and programmed during collegiate years to believe that some bacteria are malicious and dangerous. They do not see that the cells that are eaten by some bacteria are already dying or dead. Professors point to those bacteria and say, ‘They are eating cells; there is evidence that some bacteria are harmful.’ Everyone is taught this incorrect biochemistry, which is a myth. Students are not given the opportunity to study them with an open mind. If they did, they would eventually find that those so-called bad bacteria and various critters are simply janitors, consuming toxic waste products, severely damaged, dying or dead cells…

Corporations that control the media and government constantly brainwash us with rhetoric stating that microbes cause disease. Corporations make chemicals that are dangerous to us and our environment but tell us that their new or improved product will somehow save us from disease because it destroys microscopic creatures. Since our bodies are 90-99% b@cteria, that makes as much sense as 900+47=1.

People who live more in nature and on farms do not easily accept such propaganda because they see healthy animals licking and eating fecal matter off each other’s butts and thriving. Do farmhands ever see animals washing their hooves and faces before they eat? Do they ever see animals clean their troughs before they eat? Do they see animals vibrantly healthy in the midst of so called microbial contamination?

Probably, the reason most intelligent people believe microbes cause disease is because of the spectacular advancements in electronics and mechanical technologies. Technology is extremely impressive. Intelligent people think, “If we can have such great advancements, surely medicine is equally advanced.” The average individual simply unconsciously transfers those advancements onto medicine. However, medical advancements are as factual as Bugs Bunny because none of the technology is curative.” (“Bacteria and Other Microbes Are Responsible for Vibrant Health –”)

Over-sterilization of our gut and overall bacterial count throughout the body (especially from too many shots) directly correlates with chronic depression. When high levels of bacteria are present, proper digestion, healing, and removal of dead cells occur. Bacteria are a team of janitors who consume organic cellular waste, keeping the body properly maintained. 

Most Humans already have salmonella and E. Coli in their intestines naturally. The amount depends on their lifestyle, environment, and how many shots they’ve received in their lifetime. Raw dairy and other raw foods (not all) are essential for restoring our body’s precious microbiome. 

Some of the African tribes we mentioned earlier even had samples of their fecal matter (and more) taken only to reveal that all of them already had salmonella and E. Coli present in their internal digestive environment. Several university-based research studies show E. Coli dissolving tumors. We must try not to assume absolution with causation and correlation. Just because something is present does not make it inherently evil nor automatically the root cause. 

“E. Coli are predominantly found in the final stages of digestion in the bowel. E. Coli digests proteins and fats into finitely small molecules that feed and nourish our brains and nervous systems. They are responsible for producing massive amounts of B Vitamins to calm and soothe our brains and nervous system. People who enema and take colonics to remedy their constipation, continue the vicious cycle of devastatingly low colonies of E. Coli, causing malnourishment of their brains and nervous systems. That may express itself in several symptoms such as mild anxiety to loss of mental acuity.” (“E.coli Are Responsible for Nourishing Our Brains and Nervous Systems –”)

Aajonus explains that in 1985, many microbiologists observed that E. Coli was a helpful and harmless natural part of bowel digestion. Sixty to eighty percent of our bowel movements should be bacteria, not fiber, on a more raw diet. E. Coli is the main bacterium in our colons responsible for proper bowel movements. Those bacteria help reduce waste and decay in the body. Eating moist clay and/or “high meat” can help build the intestinal bacteria responsible for healthy bowel movements. Eliminating pathogens, such as salmonella, campylobacter, E. Coli, and parasites forces decaying tissue to remain in the body, endangering the inner body environment and gradually leading us to get sicker. 

Over-freezing food like raw meat and dairy can also lead to E. Coli flourishing and mutating more quickly. Over-freezing also leads to less enzyme count, as well as reduced vitamins and protein.

Health departments push for the eradication of pathogens in our food supply. They accomplish this by passing laws that control food suppliers. The USDA and FDA, with the help of the CDC and Congress, have banned us from being able to purchase bottled raw fruit and vegetable juices at our local health food stores and supermarkets because they claim that one girl died from drinking orange juice containing E. Coli. The evidence was entirely circumstantial. 

Incomplete evidence, like many cases, leads them to grab more control of our food supply by simply using a correlative, not causative, approach (as always). They assume bacteria are automatically the cause of any illness or issue if bacteria are present. “When the body is low in bacterial levels, the body becomes overloaded with organic waste and toxins, causing cellular depression that is experienced throughout the body and mind, and expressed emotionally.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Some cultures, such as the Eskimos, recommend eating stinky bacteria and decomposing meat. Why? Several doctors have discussed this phenomenon and explained how this process of “rotten raw meat” being used as a supplement supplies the body with a massive injection of probiotics, AKA bacteria. People have reported feeling happy and giddy, claiming they cured their depression, etc.

Funny enough this insane method of meat consumption was actually aired on Ripley’s Believe it or Not, quite some time ago, when we were teenagers. The same man was also on the Doctors, and initially we thought he was a clown, everyone did, for eating raw meat, raw eggs, even raw milk on broadcasted television, well YouTube for us. He made these outlandish claims, but for most of our adult life, we experienced physical, mental, and definitely spiritual problems stemming from the poor decisions made during our youth.

That being said, we tried many routines and worked with many specialists and professionals, only leading us to jump on new recommended diets, popping more pills, mainly supplements, taking more shots, experimenting with both conventional and extreme diets, drinking lots of water with lots of salt, and yes, being fat phobic thanks to the earlier generations of being brainwashed by the false accusations and lies against saturated fats, we digress.

What are we getting at? In short, we tried a lot and suffered a lot due to our poor decisions. Therefore, we decided to research terrain theory and opposing beliefs towards the waging “war against germs” mindset. We began researching Bechamp’s work, who was Pasteur’s rival.

Others claim that after many years of experimentation, Pasteur realized that the idea of vaccination was doomed. He even redacted his statements later in life, and apparently confessed on his deathbed to his assistants that a poor (toxic) environment within the body creates disease, Microbes do not cause disease. (Aajonus Vonderplanitz) Some say he concluded Bechamp’s work, AKA terrain theory, was a more sound and scientific approach. This guided us to pose the question; what are the most demonized foods, and why?

Saturated fat and cholesterol, especially in their well-sourced, raw & natural forms, get the worst reputation from the mainstream health establishment. Family farms are being suppressed, constant regulations are being pushed, and three-letter agencies are overreaching their power, especially with our raw, fresh, unadulterated, natural farm foods.

We shouldn’t be scared of bacteria, various “critters,” or raw food because sterilization is what got us to where we are today, which is the result of an abundance of man-made toxins, not germs. For thousands of years, cultures all around the world have enjoyed raw delicacies/dishes:

  1. Yukhoe (Korean)
  2. Yookhwe (Korean)
  3. Kinilaw & Many Others (Philippines)
  4. Parisa (South Texas)
  5. Ceviche (Peruvian National Dish)
  6. Steak Tartare (France)
  7. Filet Americane (Belgium)
  8. Ossenworst (The Netherlands)
  9. Mett (Germany)
  10. Koi Soi (Thailand)
  11. Bo Tai Chanh (Vietnam)
  12. Kitfo (Ethiopia)
  13. Gored Gored (Ethiopia/Eritrea)
  14. Kibbeh Nayyeh (Lebanon/Middle East)
  15. Crudos (Chile)
  16. Carne D Onca (Brazil)
  17. Carne Apache (Mexico)
  18. Cig Kofte (Turkey/Armenia)
  19. Beef Carpaccio (Italy)
  20. Basashi (Japan)
  21. Sashimi (Japan)
  22. Sushi (Japan)

And Many More…

What About The Salt?

We stress raw because all the qualities of the heat-sensitive nutrients in raw cheese/dairy are preserved; hence raw cheese contains more vitamins K2, A, and D, which are essential for many functions as well as tastes.

But why should there be no salt in your cheese and dairy? Well, first of all, you can always add some if you really crave it. Some people truly benefit from added sea salt/sodium. Usually, this indicates a severe mineral deficiency, and we suggest people opt for mineral supplements low in heavy metals, such as liquid purified shilajit as well as daily magnesium bicarbonate. You can add these to your daily water; there is no need to overdrink water when you have proper mineralization.

Unsalted cheese and butter (raw dairy) contain naturally occurring organic sodium and other macro minerals that act accordingly as a balanced array of cofactors. Salt is used to preserve, but experienced cheese makers can make cheese without it while keeping its taste, texture, and appearance constant. When salt is present and directly added to the dairy (raw cheese/butter), it prevents many of the health properties from working. 

Salt inhibits many of cheese’s (and butter’s) health benefits. Raw and unsalted cheese effectively bind metals and toxins, whereas salted and pasteurized cheese does not bind to those metals or toxins. Salt fractionates cheese during digestion while cooking temperatures destroy ionic bonds between molecules. The natural sodium in cheese is not the same as in your table salts; it is contained within the nutrients and acts differently and harmoniously.

“It is a fact that people need sodium, but not necessarily salt. When people drink salt water, they get sick. Eating salt is helpful in cultures that eat only a little meat and lots of starch because those people are prone to tapeworms and excessive pinworms. Salt dehydrates intestinal parasites. Some salt is helpful to people who eat cooked food and cannot utilize enough sodium to counter all the toxicity that results from eating over cooked (cauterized) foods. We’ve mentioned in other guides that people who have adrenal exhaustion should eat a little salt. I’ve also said that most people who eat a raw diet do not need to incorporate much salt, including sea salt.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

We recommend taking hot baths with lots of sea salt in the baths or swimming in the ocean several times a week. This is the best way to obtain natural minerals via topical application. Topical application of salt removes the possibility of intestinal irritation that too much rock salt can contribute to internally. 

Salts like Celtic Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salts are sometimes actually high in heavy metals. If you are going to consume salt, the best is Icelandic sea salt. Crucial Four sells a hand-picked batch of Icelandic sea salt. Another important thing to pay attention to in the toxicity of salt is whether it is hand-picked or machine derived. We recommend that salt be white, even if that’s not the most popular color currently in our modern times. We digress again…

We aren’t against salt. We like salt! We want organic sodium and lots of it, not just clumped sodium molecules from rocks (unless topically applied in a bath or ocean). Rock salt causes sodium molecules to clump in the blood, reversing ion magnetism and damaging cells. The affected cells cannot consume nutrients and eventually wither away. 

Aajonus states in his book, We Want to Live, that “Four little bitty grains of salt, including sea salt, destroy approximately two million red blood cells. It takes at least three hours to replace the blood cells and about 24 hours to cleanse the dead cells. During those processes, important nutrients are leached from the blood and body.” As a result, salt can accelerate our natural aging process. (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Too much salt is bad, such as table salt and even some of the many “high end” salts; however, organic sodium is essential for human health. Ten eggs have somewhere around 620 mg of organic sodium. That’s not bad. Of course, many people assume you’ll have a stroke or heart attack after consuming that amount of cholesterol and fat. Still, hopefully, you’ve had a change of heart against raw saturated fats after reading this. 

Foods such as celery juice (moderate FodMap), organic raw tomato juice (nightshade), lemon juice, organic cucumber juice (high in silica), broth from organic steamed greens in filtered water as a soup (Ray Peat Recommends this), all have a good chunk of naturally occurring organic sodium as do plenty of animal foods. Again some salt is fine, just opt for the purest source and keep it minimal. 

Try placing a little salt grain on your tongue and sipping on the water slowly throughout the day (Checkout our extensive Water Guide Here), consuming more raw fats, getting adequate sun exposure, mitigating EMF exposure (dehydration), eliminating all seed oils and cooked fats, moving more and going for walks after each meal. Purified liquid shilajit (literally our favorite product, check it out here) is also a more bioavailable form of minerals if you are craving salt.

“If rock salt was truly meant for human consumption, we could live on dirt. The vegetable kingdom makes wonderful use of mineral salts in balanced ratios to grow healthfully and strongly. After they make the salts into bio-actively available substances, we can juice their leaves, stalks, and roots to obtain concentrations of those salts. In our bodies, mineral salts that are not naturally present in food imbalances our systems, causing many diseases, including cellular dehydration, edema, and bone diseases and malformation.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

What If We Crave Salt? 

In his book, We Want to Live!, Aajonus states:

“Generally, a craving for salt is caused by poor thyroxin production (a thyroid hormone). Raw glandular thyroid supplements are helpful, enabling the thyroid to relearn the chemical structure of thyroxin so that it can produce it. Eating raw deep sea fish (tuna, swordfish), raw oysters with lemon or lime, raw scallops, raw clams, no-salt added raw cheese, unripe melons with an equal quantity of raw fat, plenty of raw tomatoes, and fresh raw celery juice, supplies the body with organic sodium and minerals necessary to stabilize mineral balance and for the thyroid to produce thyroxin. However, about .5% of the human population needs salt once weekly. Therefore, if after two months of eating the foods suggested above, you continue to have an usual craving for salt, eating only two grains of unprocessed salt (Icelandic sea salt) once or twice weekly usually satisfies and calms the system and settles the craving with little or no cellular destruction.” (Aajonus Vonderplanitz)

Recipes for Mitigating Stress & Restoring Hydration

  1. The Foundational: Lubrication / Solvent Formula – Our Daily Staple. You need protein to digest fat, and this is best consumed a few minutes after your meat meal. Consume very slowly, no more than 1 tbsp every 5 minutes. The Lubrication Formula or Solvent formula consists of the following:
    1. ¼ — ½ Tub of Raw, Grass-fed, Unsalted Butter
    2. 1-2+ Organic Lemons (Optional Limes)
    3. 1-2 Raw Eggs (Pasture Raised)
    4. Dash of Raw, Unheated Honey (Organic)
  2. Fresh Vegetable Juice with Heavy Cream – This is a very simple combination that is both hydrating and nourishing. Try this Recipe:
    1. 2-3 Organic Peeled Cucumbers (Low FODMAP, High Silica)
    2. 1-3 Organic Lemons (Optional Organic Limes)
    3. 1-3 stems of Celery, Preferably Local Produce (can add more). Celery is a moderate-high FODMAP food 
    4. 1-3 Organic Raw Tomatoes (is a Nightshade)
    5. Be sure to filter out the excess fiber left over before cream.
    6. The Fun Part — Adding Raw Fat: Depending on how large the glass is filled, put a decent amount of heavy cream in the juice and mix it up with one of those cheap handheld mixers that you have to replace in 1 month. Slowly increase the dosage. This is a great way to balance juice. 
    7. Remember, simply adding a 10-20+ minute walk after any meal will greatly optimize your digestion.
  3. Organic Potatoes with Large Amounts of Sour Cream or Raw, Unsalted Butter. – This is a very “grounding” combination and a super anti-stress meal. As mentioned earlier above, we are using potatoes and their starch (which binds to adrenaline, insulin, etc.) as a base to hold our fat, so we can incorporate more raw fats that are slightly warmed. This is an excellent combination and a real powerhouse. Honestly, you could consume this daily, just don’t overdo the potatoes. Add more raw fats and sufficient protein. With these fatty “meals,” we can do our best to try and listen to our bodies. Are we craving more carbs or more fats? How’s the protein feeling? Don’t cut out either macro; simply play with their ratios. We recommend at least 40-50% fat. The right fats (raw) are what make the difference. There is an adjustment period for all of this, so be patient.
  4. Pasture Raised Raw Eggs with a Dash of Unheated Honey – Most people are very squeamish consuming raw eggs, especially if it’s their first few times. Raw eggs are superbly hydrating, and despite the false information, raw eggs are normal. Some people prefer to just eat the yolk, and that’s fine, but egg whites do offer an array of nutrients such as glycine and some other amazing components. The yolk contains enough biotin that the avidin doesn’t block too much.
  5. Raw Butter & Unheated Honey Mixed (Very Hydrating) This is a very simple recipe combining unheated honey and raw butter. You can play with the ratios but use less honey. If tolerated, you can use a moderate amount, but still, be sure not to use too much honey. Notice if you experience any sugar highs or crashes, you should reduce the amount of honey. Go for a walk and/or exercise afterward. 
  6. Nut Formula (Great For A Stress Dump)
    1. 1-2c. Brazil Nuts or Walnuts Ground Up (Non-Sprouted)
    2. ½ – 1 a Tub of Raw, Unsalted Butter (Grass-Fed) Liquified Warm, but Unheated
    3. Dash of Unheated (Organic) Honey
    4. 1-2 Raw (Pasture Raised) Eggs
    5. Tiny Pinch of salt, if really desired

The Body Design

Our body is intelligently designed, and understanding it is beyond our comprehension. Try not to be absolute. We’ve followed Ray Peat, Ph.D., for many years; sadly enough, he passed away in 2022. We wish we could thank him because he initially influenced us to be more animal-based among many other great animal-based health researchers and influencers. We mention this because we recently went to our local organic shop (We are grateful and blessed for this little shop.) and got some delicious sandwiches. We had to double-check that they waved the PUFA-ladened fake mayonnaise, which they kindly swapped for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

While we waited, I picked up a new book, and luckily the text was large (my kind of book), but it was called the Ray Peat Survival Guide. This is a great book, and one of the messages I got from it was “Stop Being So Absolute.” It means stop assuming every little ache, pain, sickness, inflammation, blemish, digestive discomfort, headache, or any other physical, chemical, or emotional stress response is due to every little food you eat. (Lott)

We create our own cycles of inflammation and suffering. How? When we feel a symptom, instead of resorting to prayer and staying grounded, we search for absolution and a means to fix the problem immediately. We glue ourselves to the phone, an artificially lit screen (filled with toxic blue light), waging war on our hormones as we stress and research for countless hours. There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you have eye protection and take frequent breaks, but sometimes our body is reacting simply from the years of abuse we’ve given it, whether it’s heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins recirculating or whatever it may be, it’s not always JUST the food.

This is why we are so diligently working on the hydration guide to provide you with solutions that are efficient and effective. The gentleman who wrote the “Ray Peat Survival Book” also mentions that many people take Ray Peat’s (and Aajonus’s, for that matter) recommendations on the Ray Peat Forum out of context and to the extreme by turning his advice into a diet, or sometimes a cult. No doubt, in today’s world, we have to be vigilant. We have to be conscious, aware, and careful about toxicity, but of course, a lot of us reading this already take health seriously. I mean, poisons and chemicals are everywhere; we understand that thousands of toxic chemicals are literally approved in thousands of household products and used in and on foods (these are a ticking time 💣). 

Somewhere within the nutritional forums that we are a part of, a gentleman and his girlfriend had their vomit analyzed after eating raw (uncooked) dishes. The boyfriend stated he did not vomit or experience any issues whatsoever. The girlfriend, however, ended up violently vomiting the raw dish. The boyfriend was fairly wealthy and decided to spend $2,000 to have her vomit sent to a research facility for testing to see what was in it. Apparently, over half of her vomit contained pharmaceutical medication that the girl had been taking throughout most of her life. 

Why are we finishing off with this? Again, just because you have a reaction to something doesn’t always mean you can absolutely determine the cause of the result. Adding more bacteria/probiotics and raw fats into the body after years of bodily abuse and sterilization may initially result in negative reactions. It takes time to recover and months to start seeing dramatic results and “smooth sailing,” so to speak.

Just try not to be neurotic about every little thing, yet be aware of the heavy hitters (and of course small things, for that matter). Basically, just try not to react emotionally to every little thing that happens in life because the mental and emotional stress (which affects us on a systemic level) far outweighs most food and environment-related health issues. 

As our Spiritual Father (Fr. Patrick) tells us, focus on stability in life, focus on a 3% grade of daily improvement for life, and our favorite for spiritual advice, “Just Stay On The Boat.” (The Apostles & Christ). Since we mentioned this, we also would like to share that we now have a new live-stream catechism class with Father Patrick being broadcasted every Monday evening around 6 P.M. Eastern. You can send us a message at [email protected] if you would like to be added to the catechism class list, and be sure to sign up for our newsletters so you never miss an announcement.

Please share this information with your friends and family and be on the lookout for our upcoming release of our highly anticipated “MGS Hydration Guide.” Guess what? Raw fats are on it too!

In Christ,

Nick & Nathan


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