Chugging Water Won’t Keep You Hydrated

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Drinking copious amounts of water does not simply hydrate you right away. In fact, it does the opposite. Water dries the cells and bloats the body because 90% of it circulates in the blood without cellular absorption.

Water must have ions, minerals, and nutrients present, or else it is only 10% cellularly utilizable. Water alone leaches nutrients from our blood and intestines. Water is a solvent; drinking too much water too fast floods and strips the kidneys (mucosa lining). This is why we talk about cellular hydration or hydration on a cellular level. 

Again, water needs minerals and nutrients bound to it for our cells to absorb it. Not only that, but we have to sip slowly and not gulp. If you are drinking water, try Gerolsteiner with lemon and magnesium bicarbonate, and have some liquid shilajit minerals before slowly sipping your water. 

Slowly sipping is essential, not just with water, but with most fluids like raw milk and fresh green juice. If you are drinking water or green juice, try to sip no more than 1-3 tablespoons every 5 minutes. Gulping is the worst thing you can do for hydration. That’s why the more water you drink, the more you become thirsty. It dries the system and dilutes the digestive juices. Remember, when you gulp, most of the water will go right into the kidneys, and all those nutrients cannot reach your cells. 

So, gulping water and drinking water without minerals causes dehydration because the body wants to replace that water. Impossible. By drinking water, you cannot regain ion activity between the nutrients and the water. If you blended water with some cottage cheese or put a little honey or fruit in it, you would get it to reconstitute the water. Not 100%, but you will get it to shape more like fresh food that will nutrify you rather than dehydrated and rehydrated substances. 

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