Origins of Germ Theory (Part 2)

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Louis Pasteur’s dying words were lost because philanthropists, people in government, and pharmaceutical houses lobbied and funded the research to plan and fight a war against germs (microbes). Medical science is obsessed with studying cellular particles without understanding the basic nature and relationship of the body holistically.

They began to establish an arsenal of weapons. They created drugs and tools for diagnosis, radiation, and surgery. The original intention to defeat disease became rhetoric, and the new intention became profit. Medical science readily wages war on our bodies, treating the symptoms of disease with drugs, surgery, chemo, radiation, and machines. 

This treatment of symptoms, rather than the causes of disease, has proved to imbalance body chemistry and fill our bodies with toxins. Most often, those toxins cause loss of quality of life and more illness. The foundation and structure of modern medicine is sickness, not wellness. 

To illustrate how irrational much of modern medicine is, consider that today’s biotechnology has produced 791 anticancer agents. None of them are designed to eliminate the causes of cancer. Trillions of dollars have been spent on cancer. Yet, medicine has not invented any effective “therapy” that does not have serious side effects. Modern medical therapies fail, with an overall survival rate of approximately 17% beyond 5 years. 

Today’s medical science tries to prevent microbes rather than pollution from entering our bodies. It attempts to cleanse God’s ubiquitous microbes from the body and environment rather than cleanse us of toxins. They annihilate rather than nurture our cells with the liveliest nutrient-dense and bacteria-rich food, clean up our environment, and put our entire trust and faith in God. 

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