A Few Interesting Facts About Microbes

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Today, several scientists are challenging the postulate that bacteria are the threat. Before the Los Angeles Medical Milk Commission, Dr. Marc Harmon, a dentist, stated that his medical education trained him to blame disease and decay on bacteria and viruses.

He stated that the genocide of microbes has not reduced dental decay any more than it has reduced disease in general. Disease continues to increase at an astounding rate. 

William Campbell Douglass, Jr., M.D., presented numerous scientific reports showing that raw milk is not a bacterial risk, even when abundant with “pathogenic” activity. He concluded that raw milk helps the body develop strong bones free of osteoporosis. 

John R. Roth, Professor of Biology at the University of Utah, studied salmonella for 40 years. He stated that salmonella is mainly reported as a pathogen but lives beneficially as part of the gut flora. He believes that the idea of eliminating it is absurd because salmonella is distributed widely. Rarely does it get across the gut wall. When it does, it is simply an irritation at the gut wall, which can show symptoms such as loose stool or a flu-like feeling. 

The idea of eradicating microbes like salmonella isn’t smart because they are everywhere: in your nose, mouth, on your skin, and pets. 

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and the Arkansas Children’s Hospital studied 50 Arkansas homes where salmonella-infected children lived. They found that salmonella was widespread, with concentrations in 38% of the homes in unsuspected places, such as doorsteps, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and a pet lizard.

Dr. Weston Price, D.D.S., proved fifty years ago that processed milk leads to disease and premature death. He also showed that processed food, such as pasteurized milk, causes poor development in facial bones. Nizel of Tufts University reported that decayed teeth were four times more common in pasteurized-milk-fed babies as opposed to raw-milk-fed babies. 

These are just a few of many Doctors and Professors proving the validity of terrain theory. 

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