The Importance of Raw Fats – Part 2

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Most bodies are so starved for healthy, raw fat that when they get it in their diet, the organs, blood, glands, and nervous system consume it. The lymph, bones, joints, connective tissue, and skin continue to starve and wither with dryness unless we get enough fat. Aajonus Vonderplanitz suggests eating this daily, even up to twice daily.

Here is a great recipe, especially for athletes, as it puts a lot of fat into the muscle, giving you a tremendous amount of power and recovery due to the specific ingredients and the way they combine to digest differently.

The Daily Lubrication/Moisturizing Formula:

  • 1-2 raw eggs
  • 2-4+ ounces of raw butter, cream, or coconut cream
  • 1-2 TBSP lemon juice (optional added lime juice)
  • 1-2 tsp unheated honey
  • (Optional) ¾ c. of raw, unripe, organic pineapple

*Play with the ratios to achieve your desired taste*

All ingredients should be room temp. Blend at medium speed for 10 seconds. It is most effective when consumed with or shortly after a meat meal. We recommend consuming this when taking a hot bath with our Magnesium Bath formula for the ultimate experience of detox, hydration, and recovery. 

If you don’t find this recipe appetizing, here are other options to get your raw fats in:

  1. Organic, peeled cucumber & carrot salad with stone-pressed olive oil or coconut
  2. Fresh organic vegetable juice: peeled cucumber, tomato, lemon, celery, ginger, and carrot mixed with raw heavy cream.
  3. Straight raw eggs or just the yolks throughout the day.
  4. Fresh, unripe, organic raw pineapple, papaya, or any berries mixed with raw heavy cream
  5. Raw milkshakes: raw eggs + raw milk + raw cream + raw honey + real organic vanilla extract

Why do you want your fats to be raw?

Digestion is 90% bacteria-based and 10% digestive juices. Bacteria are essential to human life. There are harmful bacteria, bacteria that have been chemically altered or overly cooked (cauterized) and therefore mutated, and bacteria that have not been properly ventilated, AKA anaerobic bacteria (bad) versus aerobic bacteria (good). The problem is most health professionals hyper-focus on germs, an incomplete theory originally favored by political and big business and special interest groups.

Aajonus states the article, “Bacteria and Other Microbes Are Responsible for Vibrant Health,” at

“Bacteria are responsible for 99% of all of our bodies’ functions. Antibiotics destroy all types of bacteria, reducing digestive functions. They destroy bacteria responsible for ALL bodily functions. One 5-day antibiotic regime can destroy 1% of our bodies’ bacteria. We become weaker, and sicker. Who benefits from that? Each of us has to realize that microbes do not cause disease. We must realize that microbial presence in disease does not constitute proof that microbes caused disease.” 

He also states, “The greatest myth and trap of society besides the banking system is that microbes cause disease. Our bodies are 90-99% bacteria. There are 100 times more bacterial DNA in our bodies than human DNA. Therefore, we are actually 99% bacterial and 1% human. Every microbiologist is taught and programmed during collegiate years to believe that some bacteria are malicious and dangerous. They do not see that the cells that are eaten by some bacteria are already dying or dead. Professors point to those bacteria and say, ‘They are eating cells; there is evidence that some bacteria are harmful.’ Everyone is taught this incorrect biochemistry, which is a myth. Students are not given the opportunity to study them with an open mind. If they did, they would eventually find that those so-called bad bacteria and various critters are simply janitors, consuming toxic waste products, severely damaged, dying or dead cells…”

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