Unlocking Optimal Health: The Power of Thoughts, Emotions, and Hydration

can emotional stress affect your health?

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Our health isn’t just affected by movement, light, EMF, chemicals, heavy metals, and processed foods. Your thoughts and emotions also greatly determine your systemic cellular hydration (our definition of “physical health”).

The Impact of Stress on Mineral Depletion

If we are constantly under large amounts of stress stemming from our emotions, thoughts, and reactions, then we start to use up precious minerals; magnesium is burned up fairly quickly under physical, chemical, and most definitely emotional stress. Under emotional stress, we start to perspire more than normal and eventually dehydrate our cells. Emotional stress and toxic thoughts also start to influence our posture and how we stand and move as a human, whether it shows up as caving in, tilting, or twisting to one side. This is an extremely important aspect of health and fitness. The mind is definitely the determining factor when it comes to ultimate hydration.

The Interconnectedness of Physical, Chemical, and Emotional Stress

This is why we discuss physical, chemical, and emotional stressors as a whole; you cannot separate them. It’s all one package. You can be on the best movement & nutritional protocols in the world, but if you are not filtering your thoughts, emotions, actions, and reactions, then you will never experience peace, happiness, performance, and superior hydration.

Navigating the Influence of External Factors

Most of the time, our thoughts aren’t even our own. This is huge. If you have thoughts just mindlessly flowing in your head constantly, then you have to pose the question, are these even my thoughts? We need Prayer. We need discernment. We are in the age of discernment, and more than ever before, there is a mass psychosis. We are bombarded with emotional and psychological influences. Every day, we are constantly being programmed by blue light, social media, cultural influence, fear-based media, and more. Check out the Documentary “The Social Dilemma”.

The Holistic Approach to Health: Integrating Body and Mind

Physical and chemical stressors influence the emotional and spiritual and vice versa. The body isn’t just black and white. This is why we try our best to take a bird’s eye approach and incorporate stress habits that actually yield results, change, and upgrades to our lives.

Embracing a Gradual Journey to Better Health

Like our Spiritual Father always says, “You want to focus on a 3% grade for Life”. I don’t know about you, but some of us like to have that all-in-or-nothing mindset. With our Free Hydration Guide, we want you to focus on that 3% grade. Do better every day, and keep that trajectory pointed in the right direction. You can also check out the book, “Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives.” By Elder Thaddeus.

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