The Detoxification Support of Raw Cheese

cheese train detox protocol

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Disclaimer: Raw milk and its products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, due to the risk of serious infectious diseases. However, many advocates can vouch for their health benefits. If you are at risk for infection due to your age, pregnancy, or other conditions, you may want to consult your doctor before eating raw milk cheese.

Detoxification Support

A growing number of people are unaware that unsalted raw cheese is a necessity in today’s increasingly toxic world. It contains many nutrients, including bioavailable minerals and fat-soluble vitamins. As a result of its high mineral content, raw cheese chelates toxins better than any other protocol without side effects or chances of heavy metals returning to the body. Compared to other protocols, raw cheese relieves symptoms faster, lessens symptoms, and sometimes relieves them within minutes. It is highly important, however, that the cheese be raw and unsalted for detoxification support, as salt inhibits the health benefits.

Although the liver and kidneys automatically detoxify and excrete metabolic wastes, we often fail to realize that they cannot handle the more than 20,000 foreign industrial chemicals that exist today. How do we know everyone is holding on to an obscene amount of toxicity? Simple, you can measure it through a variety of tissue analyses.

Unsalted raw cheeses act like a sponge to absorb the toxins in your digestive tract. Similar to clay, cheese contains concentrations of minerals that bind with radicals and toxins that the body dumps into the stomach and intestines. These toxins include heavy metals, pesticides, airborne pollutants and contaminants, industrial chemicals, detergents, solvents, and other undesirable foreign bodies. Our focus should be on fighting chemicals and toxic substances, not pathogens. 

As the toxins pass through the stomach and intestines, cheese draws them from the blood, nervous, and lymphatic systems. Because it absorbs toxins in the digestive tract, unsalted raw cheese can be a great way to relieve nausea. It’s an all-purpose binder that is better than clay and activated charcoal. 

Raw cheese by itself is not digestible since it lacks most bioactive enzymes. Because of this, it can cause dehydration and, therefore, constipation, according to the book “We Want to Live!” by Aajonus. Eating raw honey, raw fruit, or raw fats, such as coconut cream or raw butter, will supply the body with the enzymes needed to avoid constipation. Unsalted raw cheese will absorb toxins, but if you consume raw honey with your cheese, the enzymes of the honey will allow your body to absorb the bioavailable minerals and protein from the cheese.

It takes approximately 50-200 molecules of fat or minerals to remove a single mercury atom, from binding and neutralizing it to acting as a vessel to escort it out. Only cheese can produce this at such a high level. Raw cheese ‘adsorbs’ a wide array of toxins slowly over time but only works consistently and effectively as long as you consistently eat it throughout the day as often as you feel you need (read below about food timing).

Even in high amounts, drinking raw milk cannot compare to the benefits of raw cheese, especially in today’s world. It is believed that cheese’s concentration is ten times more potent than milk’s when nourishing the body and eliminating metals and chemicals through the digestive tract. This would make sense because cheese is technically concentrated milk.

When referring to using raw, unsalted cheese to draw out toxins from the body, states, “The genesis of this very novel method came from analyzing the toxins embedded from eating beef jerky in the first place, then experimenting with other dry foods, ultimately discovering raw unsalted cheese is the most effective one.”

Why Should Raw Cheese Contain No Salt?

Salt inhibits many of cheese’s health benefits. Metals and toxins are effectively bound by raw and unsalted cheese, whereas salted and pasteurized cheese does not bind to those metals or toxins. Salt fractionates cheese during digestion, while cooking temperatures destroy ionic bonds between molecules. The natural sodium found in cheese is not the same as the sodium contained in your table salts; it is contained within the nutrients and acts differently and harmoniously.

According to Aajonus Vonderplanitz’s research and vast experience, the craving for salt is symptomatic of a mineral deficiency. To satisfy your craving for salt, he suggests eating any or all of these foods: fresh raw tomatoes, no-salt-added raw cheeses, fresh celery juice, and raw fish (avoid celery if you have high sun exposure due to the furanocoumarins causing the skin to be photosensitive). Eating raw shellfish, like oysters and clams, several times a month is particularly effective in correcting a mineral deficiency quickly. These foods supply a concentrated balance of minerals that the body can utilize efficiently and pleasurably.

Food Timing

Consuming unsalted raw cheese throughout the day is beneficial in preventing many unwanted symptoms. 

Shakiness often indicates that your blood protein level is too low, so eating raw cheese – a fat containing concentrated minerals – can usually help. A common cause of depression is low blood sugar. Eat fresh fruit, raw fat (like raw cheese), and cooked starches. 

Suppose you are irritable, anxious, impatient, or hyperactive. Two things could cause that: either you overproduce adrenaline and/or other stimulants or have so little blood fat that your own acids irritate your nerves. Consume cooked starches with lots of raw fat and cheese.

Symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and lack of appetite are signs that your blood is toxic or too acidic. Eat some unsalted raw cheese, and drink unheated lemon or lime juice with honey and naturally carbonated water.

The Cheese Train: Using Unsalted Raw Cheese to Detox

While you sleep or rest, toxins are dumped into the stomach and intestines to be absorbed by the nutrients from your food. Immediately upon rising, it helps to consume roughly 2.5 tablespoons of cheese. Depending on your height, you may want more or less. This helps to absorb toxicity and protect the nutrients in the next meal you consume. It’s best to eat cheese roughly 10 minutes before most meals.

Raw unsalted cheese is one of the best absorbers of toxins. If you eat half a teaspoon of raw unsalted cheese every 15 minutes of the day or as often as possible, you will absorb massive amounts of toxins. Consequently, a lot of toxins are redirected into the intestines to be absorbed by the cheese. This process is known as the “Cheese Train” since the stomach dumps toxins several times per day into the digestive system.

To perform a “Cheese Train” detox protocol, consume cheese cubes regularly throughout the day, whether for two hours, one hour, or fifteen minutes. If you feel a strong craving for cheese, it means that toxin dumping is occurring, and you should increase consumption immediately. To absorb toxins in the gut and to provide a healthy digestive environment for the food passing through, it is recommended to do this for 10 minutes before meals.

Combining this with hot baths for 35+ minutes is highly recommended. However, too long of a bath can create more stress if your body fat percentage is too low.

Final Thoughts

Any completely isolated mineral is considered a free radical and can damage the body. Minerals must be bound in food. Most supplements produced in the industry undergo chemical processes that not only isolate them but also saturate them with toxins such as petro-chemical solvents (kerosene or hexane) used during the extraction process, even if obtained from a natural source. Often the energy you experience from supplements comes from an adrenaline response. Getting your nutrition from food, water-based mineral drinks like our Master Mineral Drink, and shilajit is better.

We have personally experienced incredible relief from both acute and chronic symptoms when we eat raw unsalted cheese frequently. Whether we eat out at an unhealthy restaurant, suffer from EMF Radiation poisoning, or perhaps inhale too many fumes, chemicals, or pollutants, we have found that cheese is an excellent solution to all these problems. It has helped us tremendously with our health journey, and the more we stay consistent with it, the better we feel. Week after week, the results continue to blow us away.

Note: The reader understands that in all the above and anywhere else on this website, none of the authors, admins, owners, publishers, or sellers are engaged in rendering medical advice or services.


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