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EMF Dangers and How to Mitigate Their Effects

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Modern life is characterized by electronic conveniences. The gadgets that keep our world running cause many health concerns, but few know about them. Invisible energy waves are sent out by power lines, cellphones, microwaves, wireless routers, computers, and other appliances. Everywhere electricity is used, including at home and in the office, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are generated. The health effects of these fields have concerned some experts. Do we need to worry?

What is EMF/EMR?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are produced by electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This radiation comes from various electromagnetic infrastructure and devices and natural sources. Many devices that emit EMFs are wireless and transmit frequencies that carry information from one device to another through the air. EMR is a form of non-ionizing radiation, which is any frequency below the ionizing radiation threshold. Some forms of ionizing radiation that you may be familiar with are x-rays and nuclear energy. 

EMFs vary in their configuration, effects on human biology, size, and speed of their waveforms. The natural electromagnetic fields emitted from the Earth and its atmosphere have constantly changing frequencies that all life forms on Earth have adapted to live within. Non-native (man-made, artificial) electromagnetic frequencies emit different EMF patterns than natural sources. 

Each artificial EMF source runs on repetitive, pulsed frequencies. If these were audible, we would hear something like an amber alert or alarm clock. Nothing in nature operates this way, so our bodies are in a constant “fight or flight” state (stress response). Our bodies become very overstimulated when repeatedly exposed to the same frequency. 

EMF Symptoms

Like a virus, our bodies attempt to ‘attack’ what it perceives as a foreign invader. However, the protein coatings on each cell cannot recognize this unnatural signal. Since there is nothing to defeat or attack physically, the battle continues forever (even during sleep) or until the harmful stimulus is removed. 

In this ongoing battle, our immune system can exhaust itself and have less energy to respond to invaders such as bacteria, mold, and endotoxins or regenerate the body. 

Symptoms of EMF overload can include:


It is important to note that symptoms may vary from person to person, and some may be unrelated to EMF exposure. We can test whether or not mediating the EMF exposure is causing symptoms by experimenting a little. If in doubt, please see your healthcare provider for advice.

Minimizing Exposure & Solutions 

  1. Get away from the city and go for a hike or go camping to reconnect with nature (preferably 1-4x/month). 
  2. Avoid carrying a cell phone on your body (pocket/bra). 
  3. Avoid holding any cell phone against your body when using (against your head). 
  4. Use your cell phone on loudspeaker or with an “air tube” headset. (Get one here:
  5. Put your cell phone on ‘airplane mode’ when not in use. 
  6. Avoid using your cell phone in cars, trains, or elevators. 
  7. Keep cell phones away from you or on airplane mode while sleeping. 
  8. Turn off the wifi router at night or when not in use. 
  9. Direct connect/hardwire devices with ethernet cables. 
  10. Invest in Blushield Technology which allows your body to resonate with nature’s frequency. Then you do not have to worry about constantly fighting the EMF radiation around you.
  11. Make sure your body’s magnesium stores are not depleted.

Blushield and EMFs

The Blushield EMF Protection System simulates the Earth’s natural cycle by creating coherent frequencies within the human resonance range. To combat non-native EMFs, Blushield uses resonant frequencies instead of attempting to block them, which is generally ineffective or suboptimal for various reasons. Through sympathetic resonance, our bodies will prefer and attune to harmonious frequencies if there are harmonic frequencies in the environment equal to or greater than the inharmonious frequencies. Use our Blushield discount code MGS for extra savings.

Magnesium’s Role in Mitigating EMF Damage

We need magnesium for various essential functions that keep us healthy. The body uses it in over 300 (some say 700) enzyme reactions. In addition to producing ATP and cellular energy, it also regulates blood sugar, blood pressure, DNA and protein synthesis, bone and tooth formation, and temperature.

Because magnesium is so widely utilized in the body, a deficiency in magnesium can result in a variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Cardiovascular problems, neurological issues, muscular problems, or metabolic issues can all be caused by magnesium deficiencies.

A magnesium deficiency can cause many problems, including high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, anxiety, seizures, chronic pain, constipation, muscle cramps, headaches/migraines, brain fog, fatigue, and aggressive behavior. Diabetes, asthma, preeclampsia, osteoporosis, epilepsy, hypertension, tinnitus, and Parkinson’s disease are some of the chronic health conditions that may be linked to it.

Recent studies have provided definitive answers to one of the primary mechanisms of electromagnetic field-induced non-thermal biological harm. In their studies, Martin Pall, Ph.D., and other scientists discovered that EMFs directly affect voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), which are critical for modulating calcium levels in cells. Subtle, intricate electrochemical processes control our entire bodily functions. Because of this, our bodies are highly susceptible to electromagnetic fields. In the environment, man-made electromagnetic fields, which have amplitudes up to millions of times stronger than what our bodies and the Earth produce, can overwhelm our voltage-gated calcium channels, causing calcium channel flooding.

“Magnesium is a natural calcium-channel blocker; as long as there is adequate magnesium inside cells, damaging calcium influx does not occur. The need for calcium-channel blockers arises from the breakdown of cell membrane integrity, which is in turn caused by a magnesium deficiency.”

– excerpt from The Magnesium Factor, by Mildred Seelig, MD & Andrea Rosanoff, PhD

A wave of calcium floods into our cells due to alternating currents and radiofrequency radiation, radiation. These surges overexcite our VGCCs, leading to extensive damage. Our bodies become overstimulated and confused from the flood of these unnatural signals we are exposed to, causing chain reactions throughout all our systems. Calcium ions are also replaced with other ionic elements that are not as effective at holding the negatively charged phospholipids in place. Small holes in the phospholipid membrane cause substances to leak into and out of the cell, causing many health problems.

Interestingly, the method of discovering this and confirming it involved administering a specific class of drugs, known as calcium channel blockers, to test subjects. Heart conditions caused by excess intracellular calcium are typically treated with these drugs. Researchers found many harmful effects of exposure to EMFs were mitigated when patients used calcium channel blockers in conjunction with exposure to EMFs. In contrast, control groups exposed to the same EMFs without using calcium channel blockers showed no positive effect. Their research led them to examine how electromagnetic fields were connected to voltage-gated calcium channels.

How can we use this information to protect ourselves from EMF damage? The solution for ordinary people cannot be taking these dangerous and potentially side-effect causing drugs. The question is: are there any naturally occurring, harmless, and even essential substances that regulate calcium channels and block calcium influx when necessary?

A magnesium deficiency leads to the need for calcium-channel blockers. As a result, it is almost certainly true that if we are experiencing debilitating effects from EMFs (a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS), we are deficient in magnesium. Besides the way our food is grown (even organic food), the processed foods, alcohol, and coffee we consume, and chronic stress affecting our magnesium levels – we may also be being bombarded with environmental electromagnetic fields in modern times that make our bodies use magnesium quicker.

How Can Magnesium Be Replenished?

We know that most of us are magnesium deficient to some degree and that EMF hypersensitivity and other health issues are related to this. So how do we correct it? Bioavailable foods are the foundation of the 

approach, with concentrated supplemental forms used as necessary. Since the food we eat today generally has less magnesium than in the past, we will have difficulty getting the magnesium we need from just food alone. However, we can use less mainstream, more nutrient-dense food options. Food sources such as chlorophyll, sea vegetables, chocolate/cacao, and fish have higher magnesium amounts.

Magnesium bicarbonate is one of the most absorbable forms of magnesium, which is only available in liquid form as a salt.

 Natural reactions between carbon dioxide and magnesium hydroxide produce it in minimal quantities in some high-quality wild spring waters and natural mineral waters. In addition to neutralizing acid byproducts, bicarbonates assist digestion and help deliver magnesium to the cells more efficiently. 

We believe magnesium bicarbonate and Blushield devices work well together to give you the most robust foundation possible to mitigate EMF exposure in our modern world. Use our Blushield discount code MGS for extra savings.


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